Guest Stories & Reviews

Best ever!
April 4, 2015

We had so much fun! Can't wait to come back with a whole group next winter. Really really nice staff, amazingly good food, beautiful spot. Everything was just right. Hooks in the bathroom stalls and more shelf space for toilet kits that don't hang would be the only teeny tiny suggestion! Thank you all so much.

Proctor Academy Project Period
April 2, 2015

The Maine Huts provided a fantastic trip for our students. We had great skiing, the huts were accommodating and comfortable, the energy tour was engaging and enlightening.

Cold but Warm
March 30, 2015

It was a very cold and windy day. It's hard to know what to compare the hut to as I have never been in one before, so I'll just make comments on my experience. It was such a cold day that I had to crawl over snow drifts near Flagstaff Lake as I set up from the Flagstaff trailhead for the Poplar hut. My water froze in its bottle. I was so happy to get to the hut. The welcome was extremely warm!! Lovely staff! I was, however, disappointed that the hut was not that warm. The huge woodstove had only dying embers in it and I asked if I could revive it. I stayed glued to the stove until it was time for dinner. Despite the huge and delicious meal, I still was not warm. The comments from the others staying that night, the showers were not that hot, so I decided not to chill myself more by taking a lukewarm shower. The bunkrooms were about 52 degrees, so I just slept in all my clothes. I would definitely repeat this experience but maybe not in winter. I love that the huts are off-the-grid and don't waste a lot of energy on heat, but I will be better prepared next time for a chilly experience. Great staff, great food, tho

Successful trip
March 30, 2015

We were a group of 4 (over 60) ladies. The skiing was good. Have seen it better but mother nature always has her say. The food was terrific and the staff at both Flagstaff and Poplar were wonderful cooks and very personable. Can't wait to come again, probably next Jan. Anxious to ski to Grand Falls and spend the night.

March 30, 2015

The staff was extremely friendly, helpful and informative. The food was delicious and the facilities were clean and comfortable. After an extremely cold and windy ski up it was a pleasure to be greeted by such friendly faces, hot coffee and healthy snacks ! We read, played cards and were spoiled to death right up until dinner was served ! The drying room is invaluable !

hut to hut cross country
March 30, 2015

Never gone that far so didn't know what to expect. Turned out we all enjoyed the outing! For 4 gals in our 60's; we felt pretty good. Kept the same pace and Had a great time! Huts were comfortable and warm. Which was greatly appreciated when arrived. The food was excellent and the staff was very nice. Such a nice experience that we all would like to go again next year. Thinking about planning a trip in January and go in opposite direction along the river from the Flagg staff Hut to Grand Falls Hut.