Guest Stories & Reviews

Cold but Warm
March 30, 2015

It was a very cold and windy day. It's hard to know what to compare the hut to as I have never been in one before, so I'll just make comments on my experience. It was such a cold day that I had to crawl over snow drifts near Flagstaff Lake as I set up from the Flagstaff trailhead for the Poplar hut. My water froze in its bottle. I was so happy to get to the hut. The welcome was extremely warm!! Lovely staff! I was, however, disappointed that the hut was not that warm. The huge woodstove had only dying embers in it and I asked if I could revive it. I stayed glued to the stove until it was time for dinner. Despite the huge and delicious meal, I still was not warm. The comments from the others staying that night, the showers were not that hot, so I decided not to chill myself more by taking a lukewarm shower. The bunkrooms were about 52 degrees, so I just slept in all my clothes. I would definitely repeat this experience but maybe not in winter. I love that the huts are off-the-grid and don't waste a lot of energy on heat, but I will be better prepared next time for a chilly experience. Great staff, great food, tho

Chili !
March 29, 2015

We snow shoed up Oak Knoll on fresh snow and got to Stratton Brook Hut in time for the chili . Very warm and relaxing , board games , Allagash White and 25 new friends. Perfect!

Spring skiing almost
March 29, 2015

My daughter and I had a wonderful overnight at Stratton Brook Hut. Skied in from the airport to Poplar Hut for lunch. It was a beautiful spring day taking off layers and basking in the sun at every turn. Spent a great night in the Stratton Brook Hut with folks from around our wonderful State of Maine. Waking Sunday morning to 50 mile an hour gusts and a zero temp was truly invigorating. Loved it! The conditions were fast and we decided to cross Route 27 and take advantage of the Carrabassett ski center trails for a full day of touring. Great Maine weekend for a mother and daughter adventure.

Spring & Still Snow
March 29, 2015

My first visit with MH&T and (Poplar Hut specifically) exceeded my expectations. The staff was friendly, helpful and attentive to their guests and I enjoyed meeting others in a place where everyone had the common bond of love of the outdoors. I will certainly visit again!

First of many trips
March 27, 2015

I brought a group of students from my new school and we had a wonderful time staying 4 nights at Flagstaff Hut. The accommodations were comfortable, the staff helpful, friendly and great with the kids. . . the setting obviously beautiful. We covered a lot of miles on our snowshoes and are already planning our next trip for the fall.

March 23, 2015

CRCS took 20 students on an overnight to the Flagstaff Hut. One group snowshoed in while another group chose to cross country ski to the Yurt and then to the Hut. We checked on the wood duck boxes that we previously built and placed in the cove. It was exciting to see that two of them had been occupied! We also received a history lesson from Larry Warren on how Carrabassett Valley and MH&T came to be. Thanks Larry! As always the food was spectacular! Thanks to Carrabassett Coffee who sponsored the trip, Merrie, Jason, and Larry for the educational portion, and staff for the delicious food. Justin Belanger Executive Director Cornville Regional Charter School