Guest Stories & Reviews

Hut Weekend
March 3, 2017

The skiing on Flagstaff Lake in the mist and fog was other worldly. The groomed trail was nice as well. Beautiful lodge, nice people, and good food! I have recommended Maine Huts to friends.


Sunny Skiing & Luxury Backpacking
February 28, 2017

We had unseasonably warm weather for February, which led to sunny skiing in t-shirts. We had clear skies and beautiful stars at night. Arriving at any of the three huts we stayed at, it was great to settle into a couch with a cup of free coffee before a hot shower and then a friendly, social dinner: always delicious, from homemade bread to local fresh pasta to roasted turnips and salad and dessert. The lemon ricotta pancakes were, our table agreed, the best pancakes any of us had ever had (especially with real syrup). The staff was helpful, friendly and educational. We appreciated learning about the history of the organization and the logistics of supplying energy. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in being outdoors and also getting a good meal and good night's sleep.

Kyle E.

February 27, 2017

This was our 5th trip to MHT. We come every year during my wife's school vacation week. The experience you have created is exactly what we were looking for several years ago, a back country, hut to hut/Inn to Inn, cross country ski experience where we could stay overnight in a comfortable setting. MHT delivers this experience. Plus, the other skiers/hikers that you house are interesting people who have the ability and desire to ski or hike several miles in between huts. Something about this filter that creates just the right atmosphere. It goes without saying that your hut staff are friendly and competent, great cooks, interesting and are happy to open bottles or wine or beer. Great place, great concept, great experience.

Chip J.

Great Family Ski
February 27, 2017

We had a fantastic four day adventure with our two sons (8 and 11). What a beautiful place, and a great way to enjoy the rugged beauty of Maine in winter. The Huts staff went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable. We all loved the food -- especially dessert! I couldn't recommend it more highly.


Great Cross-Country Skiing Adventure
February 25, 2017

We skied all four huts - Stratton Brook, Poplar, Flagstaff, and Grand Falls. Huts were wonderful - friendly staff, well organized, heated bunk rooms and main room a real plus, hot showers were welcome, meals very nice and very accommodating to vegetarians, gluten free, etc. Groomed trails a real plus and some had beautiful views of the surrounding areas and mountains. We used metal edged backcountry skis which helped on some of the downhills - though we saw lots of people without metal edges, if the trails get icy at all (which they did while we were there) the edges helped tremendously. Some of the huts (esp. Flagstaff and Poplar) can be reached via a short ski from a nearby trailhead, making these suitable for families with younger kids (and we saw a few). We did this with two teenagers (18 and 15) with no problems, though we were certainly tired by the end of an 11+ mile day! Would heartily recommend this as a great winter getaway.

Another Magical Weekend
February 24, 2017

Thanks for another magical weekend in the Maine Woods! Flagstaff Hut was beautiful, well cared for, and cozy. Staying two nights gave us the chance to ski out onto the lake, explore the trail system, and enjoy some downtime in the hut with fellow travelers and friendly hut staff. We had one beautiful, crisp clear night and we seized the opportunity to do some star gazing. See the Milky Way stretch out across the Bigelows over Flagstaff Lake was a sight to remember for a lifetime. See you this summer.

Atticus S.