Posted May 06, 2019

The Best and Most Beautiful Hikes in Maine Trip 101

Maine sits in the northeast of the USA and is blessed with miles of coastline, lots of conserved areas, and over a thousand miles of hiking trails. The dramatic beauty entices outdoor lovers and literally, more than 400 trails are on offer in the state. The not for profit...

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Posted Nov 05, 2015
Skis at the Wax Room

There’s nothing quite like the brisk mountain air hitting your lungs, and the invigorating feeling of working up a sweat in the middle of a snow covered wilderness. That’s one reason we love Nordic skiing at Maine Huts & Trails. What we don’t always love is waking up the next morning and feeling the inevitable burn from all the muscles we’d forgotten about over the summer. If you’ve been biking, hiking, or...

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