Posted Nov 21, 2017

It is November in Maine and as much as we love living here, this time of year may take some time to adjust to. With colder days and holiday festivities we thought this would be the perfect time to share some ways to minimize stress....all while keeping a smile on your face. 

To learn more about the best ways to de-stress over the holidays and still have fun, we reached out to Dr. Megan Britton from Belfast,...

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Posted Nov 04, 2016

Yep- it’s November in Maine. Chickadees are fattening up and preparing their nests for a long snowy winter. The wood is stacked, the Jack-o-Lanterns composted, and the calendar is filling up faster than a third grader’s Christmas list.

There’s a lot to think about right now. Throw in a 24-hour news cycle that isn’t exactly fun to watch, and you might just be ready to run away for a month at an off-the-grid hut...

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