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Posted Apr 17, 2018 by Angie Lucht
Posted Mar 21, 2018 by Anonymous
  Let's talk coffee....oh sweet coffee. What would our mornings be without this incredible caffeinated beverage?

There are many ways to enjoy it and millions of different roasts. After a recent visit to Carrabassett Coffee, we found that roasting small batches and staying true to the 'bean' creates the most special brew of all...

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Posted Feb 08, 2018 by Anonymous


On a snowy weekend in January the creative folks from Maine the Way ventured up to Stratton Brook Hut for lunch. There happened to be a wind delay at Sugarloaf that day, so the trails were buzzing with adventurers. What struck Managing Editor; Christine's eye was how many methods of travel...

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Posted Jan 09, 2018 by Anonymous

Have you ever wondered who is out there grooming the trails? You are in luck, we would like to introduce you to 3 amazing people that keep our trails in top shape. 

Savannah is our year-around Trail Manager and chainsaw wielding expert. In the winter she puts on her groomers helmet and hops on the snowmobile to smooth out the trails. 

Mike ...

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Posted Dec 26, 2017 by Anonymous

Dressing for cold temperatures may seem a bit intimidating, but fear not adventurers, with a little preparation, you can make your trip enjoyable (and warm).

The key to keeping warm on the trails is movement and staying as dry as possible. Whatever clothing you choose, layering helps regulate body temperatures and keeps clothing dry. When choosing your base (core) layer, think thin and...

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Posted Dec 19, 2017 by Anonymous

Look who has joined us for the winter season! We are excited to have such a great group of people taking care of our guests and huts. This year we decided to ask a...

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Posted Nov 21, 2017 by Anonymous

It is November in Maine and as much as we love living here, this time of year may take some time to adjust to. With colder days and holiday festivities we thought this would be the perfect time to share some ways to minimize stress....all while keeping a smile on your face. 

To learn more about the best ways to de-stress over the holidays and still have fun, we reached out to Dr. Megan Britton from Belfast,...

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Posted Oct 18, 2017 by Anonymous

Our dedicated volunteers and MH&T crew put in a ton of work during our Volunteer Weekend 10/14-15/2017. Here are some statistics from our beloved trail manager Savannah: 

Built 4’x4’x5’ flood-proof, rock-filled cribbing abutments for a footbridge on the Falls Trail off the Dead River. Quarried all rock on site to fill the cribbing (3/4 ton). Relocated existing 30’ native-timber footbridge to new... Read More
Posted Oct 05, 2017 by Anonymous
Wood, Campfires

Fall in New England is the perfect time to get outside to enjoy the cooler weather and colorful views. It is also the time when we start thinking about how to keep cozy warm when the snow starts to fly.

One way we start winter preparations here at Maine Huts & Trails is getting wood ready to feed our...

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Posted Jul 06, 2017 by Anonymous
Biking and hiking in Maine

It’s true: finding work/life balance might be a little easier here in the mountains of Maine than almost anywhere else. We know we’re lucky, but our laid back mountain lifestyle isn’t always as effortless as it looks. Sure, we have unlimited access to some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and paddling on the East Coast. And yes, our winters are basically a montage of powder shots, micro brews, and...

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