Bird Sightings at Flagstaff Hut!

Blog by CJ Friedman, Flagstaff Hut Hutmaster

May 21, 2014 - The last week has brought the first traces of 60 degree weather. The ice on the lake is freshly melted and the lake is rising, animal tracks are plentiful and varied, the trees are budding, spring is once again in the air, and the migratory birds have returned home for the summer.

Sitting in quiet reflection outside the hut awakes the ears to thousands of wide-ranging birds happily, busily chirping.

A full bird-feeder lasts only two days. There is an incessant flow of Maine’s native chirpers. Who needs a TV when there are literally hundreds of birds waiting their turn to land and feed?

(Some of the following pictures were taken a couple weeks ago as the birds started showing up, when there was still snow)

A finch party!

Slate-colored juncos

Some diversity on the feeder!

We’ve had Jays all year

It was hard to get a good shot of this majestic hawk

Another finch party

How many birds can you count?

There have been a couple flocks of red-winged blackbirds

A rare find on the feeder – the Golden Crowned Kinglet (I think)

The loons are getting really noisy round these parts. Loons on the lake:

I have yet to get the bird itself on camera, but you can hear pileated woodpeckers all around the hut. And you can see their wake too!

There are also many birds I've seen but failed to photograph – including a bald eagle, a few cardinals, robins, ravens, chickadees, grouse, kingfishers, varied ducks, gray jays, and some that I was unable to classify. It is an awesome time for bird-watchers to visit our huts and trails. Hope to see you soon!

PS: The sunsets aren’t too bad either :)

PPS: Even our neighbors like to come out and enjoy them!