Volunteer Weekend 10/14-15/2017

Our dedicated volunteers and MH&T crew put in a ton of work during our Volunteer Weekend 10/14-15/2017. Here are some statistics from our beloved trail manager Savannah: 

  • Built 4’x4’x5’ flood-proof, rock-filled cribbing abutments for a footbridge on the Falls Trail off the Dead River.
  • Quarried all rock on site to fill the cribbing (3/4 ton).
  • Relocated existing 30’ native-timber footbridge to new cribbing.
  • Corridor work on the Maine Hut Trail, Fisherman’s Trail and Falls Trail totaling 2.5 miles.
  • Moved 2 cord of firewood for stacking.
  • Dismantled a fire pit to prohibit unauthorized camping in a sensitive area above Grand Falls.
  • Relocated a washed out bog bridge to cross a small stream on Fisherman’s Trail.
  • Cleared brush and branches blocking signage at two confusing trail intersections.

Way to go & thanks to everyone!