Fuel Up for Your Day on the Trails

Fuel Up For Your Day On The Trails

Live your best life and put your best foot forward on the trails this season with a body fueled with extra nutrients. Whether you’re going on a multi hut experience or simply want to hike at a leisurely pace, be sure to start the day strong by consuming wholesome, calorie dense meals.  Here are a few yummy breakfast ideas to spark your morning and fuel you through your day ...

  • Vegetable omelet with toast

  • ​Overnight oats with nut butter and banana

  • Protein smoothie

  • Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich

  • Greek yogurt with granola and fruit

  • Tofu breakfast scramble on whole wheat tortilla

  • Cinnamon pancakes

  • High Fiber Cereal with whole milk

And once you’re on the trails or at the hut, you can refuel with a scrumptious Good-To-Go gourmet meal.  That’s right! We've partnered with Good To-Go, a unique home-made and made in Maine company, to bring you the best in gourmet back-country food for adventurers.  The Huts are stocked with a variety of Good To-Go meals like Pad Thai or Classic marinara with Pasta, each pouch containing a delicious meal using ingredients to be enjoyed wherever your adventures take you. Just add HOT water and you'll be re-energized in no time.