Hut Talk: No Screens

This week, Hut Staff member Charles J. Friedman (aka. CJ) has written an article about life without screens. In this short piece, he discusses how screens hinder our ability to enjoy nature's beauty and how we need to get outside and escape.


Life these days doesn’t seem to exist without screens; screens everywhere and at least one is always on. There’s the TV(s), mom’s phone, dad’s phone, a phone for each of the kids, computer(s), tablet(s), and in stores, restaurants, at work and home and sometimes even at the dinner table. You cannot escape the screen! So how do you turn them all off?

 Do you ever turn them all off?

 When was the last time the whole family spent the day outside and the night inside, without a screen?

Visiting our Flagstaff Hut will restore and rejuvenate your connection as a family, and to the earth. A short hike in from the trailhead along our Shore Trail leaves the adventurer totally surrounded by beautiful nature. Breathing in the crisp, fresh air; strolling through a magical forest unperturbed by the bustling noises of machinery; hearing the countless animals of the wilderness alongside you for the adventure; feeling, once again, connected to the earth. This is what our trails offer.

Meander over a small footbridge, round a corner, and there is the Bigelow Mountain Range, in all its majesty, cascading down to Flagstaff Lake at its feet.

There is so much to behold if only you just look.

But then, so quickly, the hike is over. After absorbing the unparalleled 360 degree view of northeastern Flagstaff Lake, Bigelow, and the rest of the mountains on the horizon at The Point, the “hut” is just off in the distance. More of a ‘grand lodge’, Flagstaff Hut appears at the end of the trail with cold & hot refreshments, fresh-baked treats, and gracious hospitality waiting. The meals are made from scratch always incorporating the most important ingredient – much love and appreciation for the beauty of life – and are guaranteed to be delicious. This love and happiness is contagious. There’s good food, good books, fun games, puzzling puzzles, composting toilets, hot showers, comfy amenities, hot coffee, friendly people, good times, and no screens. This is what our huts offer.

Yet the day is not over! Your kids want to be outside. It’s just too beautiful here. There’s more trail to discover, birds to see and hear, beaver huts nearby to visit, and, oh yeah, there’s the lake! Conveniently parked next to our dock, right in front of the hut, is an entire fleet of canoes and kayaks waiting to facilitate the adventures that screens cannot capture.

 Nature awaits your adventurous spirit.

 And at the end of the day, it rewards you with its magnificent scenery at The Point.

A trip to our Flagstaff Hut can be your remedy. We may not have cell reception, internet, TV, or even a decent radio signal, but we promise, you will find a better connection.