Morning Joe


Let's talk coffee....oh sweet coffee. What would our mornings be without this incredible caffeinated beverage?

There are many ways to enjoy it and millions of different roasts. After a recent visit to Carrabassett Coffee, we found that roasting small batches and staying true to the 'bean' creates the most special brew of all. 

Just outside downtown Kingfield, Maine, Carrabassett Coffee's bright red building catches your attention. They have been at this location for three years. Most of the building houses the roasters and bags of beans, so don't be fooled by their cozy retails space. All of the blends are available for purchase. 

Things that set Carrabassett Coffee apart from other roasters start with the care used in choosing their beans. Over 40% of their beans are organic and responsibly sourced. They are generous supporters of the community and donate their delicious brew to Maine Huts & Trails. 

Since roasting is done in small batches, this guarantees consistency and produces one-of-a-kind roasts. Dark, medium, blends, flavors and monthly specials. You can certainly taste the quality and attention that goes into each batch.

If you are looking to trade-in your morning cup for something new, the roasters filled us in on a few of their top-selling brews.

Sunrise Breakfast Blend: A light roast of four different origins. What this means is three beans from different parts of the world (or different crops) are dark roasted and blended together. This creates a balanced and satisfying flavor. We might be biased, but this is the coffee we serve at the Huts & it is our personal favorite. 

Back Draft: A signature dark roast that blends two origins from Guatemala and Sumatra. This blend is enticing and bold.

Bad Dog: A medium blend with a solid body and flavor. Using two origins and roasting one light and the other dark is what gives this blend character.

Our visit to this local roaster made us realize there is a lot to learn about coffee. Most importantly though is to discover what suits your taste. That isn't hard to do when you have so many perfect choices and you might find you need more time in the day to have a cup!

You can call or place an order online, but we recommend planning a trip soon.