"Staycation", "COVoidance", "Group Time at the Lake", Call it What You Will, Flagstaff Hut is Available to Groups to Rent This Fall


We are excited to make Flagstaff Hut available for groups to rent this Fall. If you have been to Flagstaff Hut, either in the summer or winter, then you know what an amazing place it is. If you have not experienced our Hut yet, Flagstaff Hut restores the sole, quiets your mind, and gives you the time and space to reflect on what is important.

COVID-19 put a stop to our bringing people together in a hut for a while, but the very qualities that make Flagstaff Hut a special place for so many can be a terrific experience for families looking for something special to do together this summer.

The concept is: rent Flagstaff Hut to a group, a group at a time; give you an option of a 5-night stay or a 3-night stay, both alternatives ending on Sunday so we can create a 48-hour vacant "fallow" period before the next group comes in. 

This is a self-service experience, meaning you will bring your own food and have the run of the commercial kitchen to prepare fantastic meals. Create your own experience, and (almost) all we ask is that you leave Flagstaff Hut better than you found it. Kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are all there at your disposal.  

One word that resinates with us today is "resiliency". Maine Huts & Trails is a resilient organization, and creating this Flagstaff Hut experience is one thing we can do to pivot in the era of COVID-19 and work to create new opportunities. 

Thanks for checking us out.


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