Top 5 Reasons to Enter the Maine Huts & Trails Adventure Ski Race and Tour

The Swedish Vasaloppet. The Norwegian Birkebeiner. The Canadian Ski Marathon. These storied ski races and tours are legendary Nordic events, attracting up to 14,000 racers from around the world since as early as 1922. What do these events have in common with Maine Huts & Trails’ Adventure Ski Race and Tour? More than you might think. First of all, they’re “point to point” events; you’re shuttled to the start and complete the entire race in one direction. Another thing we have in common? The racers themselves. Some of the skiers registered for the 8th annual Maine Huts & Trails Adventure Ski Race and Tour are also veterans of other world famous ski events!  And of course, Blueberry Soup. The Swedish Vasaloppet is famous for their Blueberry Soup, and that’s exactly what tour participants are served at Poplar Hut on race day!

Whether you’re racing or touring, here are five good reasons to consider signing up for a point to point ski event:

There’s nothing like a big event to help motivate your workout routine. Setting a goal will give you just another reason to get outside and move, and building up to a race is a great way to keep up your momentum and improve your performance.

Whether you relish friendly competition with another racer or a social day tour, enjoying a winter day with like-minded people is energizing and fun. There’s something special about being part of a big event, and the race day atmosphere is truly unforgettable.

Imagine the feeling as you cross the finish line knowing you’ve stretched your limits. Maybe you skied more kilometers in a day that you ever had before, or pushed yourself to ski just a little faster. Race day can show you strengths you never knew you had, and that’s just one way it will be a day you’ll never forget.

Whenever you’re committed to a big ski day, you quickly understand the importance of hydration and nutrition to athletic performance.  When you stop at any of the aid or food stations along the trail, you’ll have a new appreciation for nutritious snacks and energizing drinks. And if you choose to volunteer for the race, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping the racers stay in the game.

Skiing Point to Point:
While it sounds simple enough, point to point skiing isn’t usually an option for a regular ski day. You’re shuttled to the start, offered sustenance and support along the way, and then you’re presented with a post-race celebration! It’s all taken care of for you.  All you have to do is enjoy the view as the tr.ail winds through beautiful woods, along streams and rivers and through fields to the finish!

There’s really something special about participating in a long distance ski event whether it’s in Norway, Sweden, Canada or Maine. Even if you’ve never raced before, this is the perfect place to start. You can choose to ski non-competitively in the tour and not get timed at all, and you’ll still be eligible for a prize at the end. Besides awarding top place finishers in every category, there are also prizes given out with a random bib number drawing.