Trail Travel


On a snowy weekend in January the creative folks from Maine the Way ventured up to Stratton Brook Hut for lunch. There happened to be a wind delay at Sugarloaf that day, so the trails were buzzing with adventurers. What struck Managing Editor; Christine's eye was how many methods of travel people took to the Hut. "People arrived via snowboard, fat bike, snowshoe, ski, foot… who knows what else", Christine said.

Here at the Huts, we talk a lot about Nordic skiing or snowshoeing, but let's explore some alternatives.

- Fat Biking is growing in popularity. These puffy tired bikes float on top of the snow and travel easily when the snow pack is firm and groomed.

- Your feet. Two objects you don't see often in the winter, but add a pair of Yak Tracks (micro-spikes) and walking can be the easiest way to travel when conditions are icy.

- Split Boards or Tele / Back-Country Skis. Although our trail system is technically the backcountry, our trails may not be steep enough for those looking for downhill action. You and your skins are absolutely welcome on the trails and they are a great way to travel up hill.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy the trail system and this is the year to try something new! Now.....who has a winter unicycle?

Happy Trails!

Come visit us for lunch Saturdays & Sundays 11:30-1:30.