What have we been up to?

Anyone who has followed our story knows that Maine Huts & Trails is treading along a long, often steep path of change to a stronger future. Over the last four years we have taken on many challenges: financial, the stifling impacts of COVID, and the widely shared hiring and retention challenges. We are persevering despite every challenge. Our mission, vision and experiences today are just as important and profound as they were 14 years ago when our story first came alive at Poplar Stream Hut.  Our whole focus presently is working to ensure Maine Huts & Trails has a bright impactful future for generations to enjoy. 

It was wonderful welcoming guests back into the huts last winter. We came back together (carefully) on the trails and in the huts to share a western Maine adventure, reconnect with old friends, and make new friends. Going forward our revamped business model has us operating our hut-to-hut full and self-service trips in the winter, very similarly to last winter. In the non-winter months the trails will be open and the huts will be available to rent to groups, programs, clubs, educators, partners and others. 

We have a solid, comprehensive plan for going forward, and our entire focus this summer has been on making hard decisions and leaning into critical actions to improve our business sustainability, including reducing our financial liabilities, improving our infrastructure, and being able to hire and support great staff.

We have a lot of hard work ahead to get ready for winter: hiring full-time and seasonal staff (employment opportunities), stacking firewood, preparing the huts and trails for winter (volunteer information), and marketing and inviting people from near and far to come experience Maine Huts & Trails and western Maine this winter (winter trip and date information here).

Maine Huts & Trails is not four hotels in the woods. Maine Huts & Trails is a non-profit community resource creating experiences that get people active outdoors, inspire people to be stewards of the environment, and serve as a backbone of economic opportunities.

We are incredibly grateful to you, our community, for all of your support and encouragement.  We are making our way down this path thanks to you.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, Maine Huts & Trails staff will begin hiring for seasonal hut outdoor enthusiasts to join the team and recruiting volunteers to help and have fun in critical roles this winter. Please visit our website for the most updated information on trail information, hut status and employment opportunities.