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Our dedicated volunteers and MH&T crew put in a ton of work during our Volunteer Weekend 10/14-15/2017. Here are some statistics from our beloved trail manager Savannah: 

Built 4’x4’x5’ flood-proof, rock-filled cribbing abutments for a footbridge on the Falls Trail off the Dead River. Quarried all rock on site to fill the cribbing (3/4 ton). Relocated existing 30’ native-timber footbridge to new... Read More
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Wood, Campfires

Fall in New England is the perfect time to get outside to enjoy the cooler weather and colorful views. It is also the time when we start thinking about how to keep cozy warm when the snow starts to fly.

One way we start winter preparations here at Maine Huts & Trails is getting wood ready to feed our...

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Biking and hiking in Maine

It’s true: finding work/life balance might be a little easier here in the mountains of Maine than almost anywhere else. We know we’re lucky, but our laid back mountain lifestyle isn’t always as effortless as it looks. Sure, we have unlimited access to some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and paddling on the East Coast. And yes, our winters are basically a montage of powder shots, micro brews, and...

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Biking at Maine Huts & Trails

Summer in Western Maine is all about adventure. Whether hiking up Bigelow Mountain, paddling the Dead River, or biking the sweet single-track in Carrabassett Valley, folks around here know how to have a good time, and aren’t afraid to break a sweat doing it. We also know that no adventure is complete without cracking into an ice cold brew once you’ve reached your mountain top… or your Adirondack chair.


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Hiking in Maine

You might have noticed that over the past few months, ‘tick danger’ stories have been showing up in news feeds more often than your second cousin’s miracle triplets. And rightfully so- according to the Center for Disease Control, tick borne illnesses like Lyme are on the rise across the country...

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Summer Hut Crew

Summer 2017 brings new adventures and new faces to Maine Huts & Trails! When you come to the huts, you'll be greeted by a diverse group of young adventurers- some who've traveled the world, and some who've been exploring the mountains of western Maine all their lives. They're excited to be living and working off-the-grid, and look forward to welcoming you to Maine Huts & Trails.

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Spring Pea & Mint Soup (Vegan, GF)

This is one of our most popular summer soups. It tastes as bright and fresh as it looks, and is the perfect fuel for a brisk hike to the nearest waterfall. Look for it on the lunch menu all summer!


1 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 stalk celery, chopped 1 medium white onion, chopped ½ clove garlic, chopped 1 tsp veggie bouillon 3 1/4... Read More
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It’s time for trail running to get the credit it deserves.  In a world of carbon-fiber everything and pricey high-tech gear, it’s easy to overlook a humble pair of sneakers. But after a long snowy winter, it feels just right to embrace your inner minimalist and hit the trail on your own two feet.  

At Maine Huts & Trails, we think a refreshing trail run through a cool misty forest is the...

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Spring hiking
A good spring hike is the ultimate cure to the winter blues. And in the woods of Maine, this time of year is optimism incarnate; a life-affirming experience like no other. The forest comes alive as winter melts away into crashing waterfalls and clear vernal springs. Majestic wildlife dances on the perimeter of your view, and fresh young buds soak up the sun.

It doesn’t take a philosopher to make some deep...

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Digital Detox

We live in an amazing time. Digital communication allows us to have unprecedented access to people, stories, and information we couldn’t have had just a few decades ago. But our brains aren’t exactly evolving at the same rate. We’re wired to crave information in order to survive, and for most of human history, that’s worked out just fine. But now we’ve got unlimited access to more information than we could ever need,...

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