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Posted Dec 19, 2014 by Anonymous
Winter gear guide

With the snow flying and the summer gear put away, it's time to get ready for the winter! We've compiled a list of gear that we recommend for your upcoming winter adventures. Check out the video to learn more about layering and why it's important for being comfortable outside this winter. We've also written a thorough explanation of each piece of gear below and why it's important for your...

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Posted Sep 05, 2014 by Anonymous
5 Tips for Enjoying the Fall Foliage

The signs are all here: chilly nights, Sunday night football, and pumpkin spice everything. Fall is coming! At Maine Huts & Trails, we love every season, but fall in Maine is legendary for a reason: the spectacular natural phenomenon of foliage. While the science is pretty interesting, we’ll...

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Posted Jun 25, 2014 by Anonymous
Sunset over Flagstaff Lake

This week, Hut Staff member Charles J. Friedman (aka. CJ) has written an article about life without screens. In this short piece, he discusses how screens hinder our ability to enjoy nature's beauty and how we need to get outside and escape.


Life these days doesn’t seem to exist without screens; screens everywhere and at least one is always on. There’s the TV(s), mom’s phone, dad’s phone,...

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Posted May 21, 2014 by Anonymous
A finch party

Blog by CJ Friedman, Flagstaff Hut Hutmaster

May 21, 2014 - The last week has brought the first traces of 60 degree weather. The ice on the lake is freshly melted and the lake is rising, animal tracks are plentiful and varied, the trees are budding, spring is once again in the air, and the migratory birds have returned home for the summer.

Sitting in quiet reflection outside the hut awakes the ears to...

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