Full Service Pricing

Pricing Information:

Bunk Room Rates:

We have changed from renting by the individual bunk to renting by the bunk room.

  • Bunk room pricing varies based on your choice of hut and/or trip, the number of people in your party, and non-peak or peak dates (Peak rates apply to Flagstaff Hut only, 2/10-2/27).


  • There is a base rate of $135 pp/pn ($145 Flagstaff peak) for the first 2 to 4 people in a bunk room depending on the total number of people a bunk room can accommodate.
    • Additional guests to the full bunk room capacity are $50 pp/pn ($55 Flagstaff peak).



(A) In a 3-person bunk room the first two guests are $135 pp/pn. Guest #3 is $50 pp/pn. Total bunk room cost for 3 people is $300 pn, or $100 pp/pn (3 bunks, dinner, breakfast, and trail snack lunch).

(B) In a 8 person bunk room the first four guests are $135 pp/pn. Guests #5 - #8 are $50 pp/pn. Total bunk room cost for 8 people $700 pn, or $87.50 pp/pn.

  • Maine Lodging Sales Tax of 9% applied.

  • Trail Stewardship and Maintenance Fee of 3% applied. These funds go to maintaining, improving, and upgrading the Maine Hut Trail and connector trails, which collectively form the backbone of experiences that make this region of Maine a recreation destination of national notoriety. We work closely with our Carrabassett Valley Trails and other local and statewide partners to leverage matching funds to the fullest degree possible. 

Gear Shuttles (Optional. Choose at checkout)

Gear shuttles are $125 round trip for 1 to 4 people. Guests #5-#8 are $31.25 each additional.

Full trip pricing is presented on your trip invoice upon the completion of entering your trip of choice, dates, and number of guests in your party.


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