Maine Huts & Trails Staff and Board of Directors

Who We Are

Year-Round Staff

Darren Boivin

Darren Boivin | Huts Facilities Manager | Ext. 160 | Email >>

Darren’s our go-to guy for fixing freezers, snowmobiles, and bad attitudes. If you see him on the trail, you’ll easily recognize him by his gigantic smile and uncanny sense of direction. He and his wife Laurie have raised four extremely polite and capable children off-the-grid in a remote, unorganized township near the Canadian border. He’s exactly who you’d want to team up with during an apocalypse.


Libby Collet




Libby Collet | Deputy Director | Ext. 191 | Email >>

If you’re at all familiar with the inner-workings of a non-profit, you know that Libby has a pretty serious responsibility. She’s in charge of development: overseeing the membership program, business sponsorships, grants, and donations. Her efforts directly impact the future of Maine Huts & Trails, and there’s no one we’d trust more to make that work. She’s a highly trained force of team building, goal-setting, and finding new opportunities for collaboration. In her rare down time, Libby relaxes by practicing yoga, hiking and skiing. She and her husband Paul love living in the Western Mountains of Maine and have two handsome sons who visit often.


Sue Davis

Sue Davis | Volunteer Coordinator | Email >>

For someone with decades of experience in more areas than you might imagine, Sue is always ready to tackle more. Under her direction, our volunteer program has taken on a life of its own, with record-breaking volunteer hours in 2016, and big plans for the future. If you’ve met Sue, this should come as no surprise. Given a captive audience, she’ll make short work of organizing, strategizing, and motivating the group toward a common cause… name tags mandatory. She’s famous for her stories, stamina, and carousing around Kingfield in her vintage Stanley Steamer. Sue spends her down time gardening, exploring, and organizing people and places. It’s rumored that she makes the best Manhattans on the east coast.


Cayce Frigon

Cayce Frigon | Director of Communications & Marketing | Ext. 180 | Email >>

Cayce’s been working for Maine Huts & Trails longer than anyone and is really, really smart. The result: she knows the answer to every question, from any department, about any subject. She’ll even be really nice about giving you an answer, and might even make you a detailed explanation with a cool graph. She’s formally tasked with running our two person marketing department, but we also depend on her for IT support, budget planning, graphic design, and organizing cords of all shapes and sizes. One of her many smart decisions: marrying a trained chef and genuinely nice guy, Jarod. They have two rambunctious labs and make the best homemade wine you’ll ever try.

Patrick Frisbee | Adventure Consultant / Trail Crew | Email >>

A native Mainer, Patrick has a cool nickname, a cool job and is just a cool guy! He is a valuable member of the Adventure Consultant & Reservations team, but also shares his skills working on the Trail Crew. Be on the lookout for "Frizz" out on the trail. With 17 years of hospitality experience, he is bound to have some great tips for your Huts & Trails adventure. 


Carolann Ouellette



Carolann Ouellette | Executive Director | Ext. 190 | Email >>

Running a non-profit requires a very specific set of skills: it takes the mind of a savvy CEO, the heart of a charitable volunteer, and the grit, practicality, and optimism of a true Mainer. Meet Carolann. While she’s well-versed in a wide variety of topics, she’s an expert on the state of Maine and the people who love it. As a long-time resident of the Maine Woods region, she knows the land; as a whitewater guide, she knows waterways; as the former Director of the Maine Office of Tourism, she knows the places. And as one of the friendliest people around, she knows pretty much everyone. In fact if Maine were a person, it might be a lot like Carolann; charmingly humble, refreshingly grounded, and always ready to lead the next adventure. It makes sense then, that Carolann has had such a successful career in the Maine travel & tourism industry. Of all the places she could have landed, we’re lucky to have her back here in the western mountains, putting her dynamic skills to use leading the next chapter of Maine Huts & Trails.

Kelsey Silfvenius | Adventure Travel Consultant and Business Systems Design & Support | Ext. 101 | Email >>

Kelsey might have the longest job title at Maine Huts & Trails, but she needs it! Assisting guests with reservations while insuring the processes are in place to make it all run smooth is a big job. Originally from New Hampshire, Kelsey and her husband moved to Carabassett Valley a year ago to spend free time on the bike and ski trails....and as a master craftsperson she could probably knit you a backpack for your next hike into a hut.

Mike Spurrier | Hut Operations Manager | Ext. 140 | Email >>

Mike originally from Baltimore, Maryland, has been working for Maine Huts & Trails over the past year providing top-notch hospitality and is our new Hut Field Supervisor. He enjoys everything the Maine outdoors has to offer such as mountain biking, skiing, paddling, fishing and backpacking. Coming from a mechanical background, he has broad knowledge of off-grid and sustainable energy systems. If you see him in the hut or on the trail feel free to ask him questions or better yet an energy tour, he is more than happy to share the knowledge!

Savannah Steele

Savannah Steele | Trails Manager | Ext. 101 | Email >>

Savannah is trail genius. She knows the soil structure, pitch grade, and coordinates of every trail in our 80 mile system, and can create a digital map of all that and more. She’ll put you at ease with her adorkable hipster charm, but don’t be fooled: Savannah can wield a chainsaw like a veteran lumberjack, run an excavator, and happily work for days on end in the Maine woods while barely breaking a sweat. She loves to work in her garden, play with her pets, and knit chunky scarves. Originally from Oregon, Savannah fits in wherever she goes… especially if there’s a trail to be built.

Janice Tandy | Adventure Travel Sales & Reservations Representative | Ext. 110 | Email >>

Janice is your go to person for planning fun on the trails & in the huts. As part of the Adventure Travel Sales & Reservations Team, she can help you create a detailed trip you will never forget. A native New Englander, she has called Maine her home for 10 years. She loves spending time with her 3 daughters and husband skiing, camping and relaxing on their pontoon boat. See, she is definitely someone you want to talk to about fun in the outdoors.


Merrie Woodworth

Merrie Woodworth | Youth & Educational Program Coordinator | Ext. 120 | Email >>

Merrie is tasked with carrying out one of the most important parts of the Maine Huts & Trails mission: getting kids of all ages outside to learn. She teams up with educators, guides, and volunteers to create inspiring nature-based curriculum for deserving students, using the huts and trails as the ultimate outdoor classroom. It’s a position that requires a great sense of humor, endless patience, and a lot of flexibility- so Merrie’s the perfect fit. When she’s not strategizing a life-changing educational experience, Merrie spends her time biking, skiing, and hiking with her husband Charlie, with whom she’s raised two charming sons who are currently saving the world. Like all respectable New Englanders, she likes good beer, puppies, and the Red Sox.





Seasonal Staff

When you come to the huts, you'll be greeted by a diverse group of young adventurers- some who've traveled the world, and some who've been exploring the mountains of western Maine all their lives. They're excited to be living and working off-the-grid, and look forward to welcoming you to Maine Huts & Trails.

Stratton Brook Hut:

Mike M. grew up in in Holliston, MA. With strong family ties in Maine, he has been visiting the Mid-Coast region his whole life and is excited to get to know another part of the state. After seven years working across New England for an outdoor environmental education program, he has decided to try something new. He’s eager to join the team at Maine Huts & Trails, where he looks forward to building a strong community for staff and guests. When he's not cooking and cleaning he will probably be found paddling around on the water, curled up with a good book, wearing out his hiking boots, or staring through a hand lens at a particularly fascinating bit of lichen. Only time will tell where and when the next adventure will take him - for now, he is content to live in the moment and welcome each new day as it comes!


Matthew W. was born and raised right outside of Portland, Maine. Even though Matt likes catching the surf in southern Maine, he finds equal enjoyment up in the mountains. While attending University of Maine at Farmington, it didn’t take long for him to realize the beauty that Carrabassett Valley has to offer. Finishing up his fourth year working on the competition crew for Sugarloaf, he is excited for the change of seasons. Matt is looking forward to meeting the Maine Huts & Trail team, and is totally stoked about commuting to work on a mountain bike.


Megan H. is from Ohio, where she recently earned her B.A. in Psychology after two years at Allegheny College and two at Ohio State. She spent most of that time learning about the anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties of food. She recently quit her job at a local bar and instead moved to the woods to live deliberately. She's looking forward to fresh air, clean water, and good company. Next, Megan plans to take her entrepreneurial spirit and create an empire!



Poplar Hut

Abby H. grew up in the suburban town of Oxford, Massachusetts and moved to the very rural town of Highland, Maine at 10 years old. She learned to ski not long after moving and now coaches children at Sugarloaf during the winter; including cooking lunches for the kids in the lesson programs. After living in Maine for 12 years Abby thought she should know more about the local trail system and joined the Maine Huts & Trails team. Her dream is to be more connected with nature and to spend as much time as she can hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, and exploring the outdoors with her dog Monster.


Alec B. is joining Maine Huts & Trails for his first season coming from the Philadelphia area. Originally from upstate New York, he moved to Philly after honorably completing his service with the Marine Corps.  As a recent graduate of Immaculata University in Exercise Science, Alec also has a passion for exploring and the peace of mind that nature offers. He is most looking forward to living off the grid for a few months and helping people with their own adventures on the trail system. Come spring of 2018 he will be heading off to Wyoming and Utah for 3 months to attend a semester long course by the National Outdoor Leadership School.



Flagstaff Hut

Mark L. is originally from Louisiana, where he stayed through his graduation from Louisiana State University in 2010.  In the past few years, Mark has taken on a variety of seasonal jobs in the U.S and abroad, which have allowed him to balance earning a living while still pursuing adventure. Some recent adventures include walking the Camino De Santiago in Spain for the 4th time and a schedule of long distance mountain running races in the Canary Islands.  Having spent time in huts and lodges throughout Nepal, New Zealand, Argentina, and parts of Europe, Mark has found great joy in the sense of community and healthy proximity to nature that hut living can bring.  He looks forward to sharing in this joy with guests and staff during this summer season, his first experience in Maine.


Rheanna W. is a born and raised New Englander, moving from Southern New Hampshire to Western Maine with her family in 2006. A recent graduate from the University of Maine at Farmington, Rheanna has realized that the natural wilderness of Maine has called her name, and she is forever grateful that life has placed her in the perfect environment to assist in her growth as an adventurous young adult. While this is her first season with Maine Huts & Trails, ultimately, she plans on working for a year in Maine, then traveling and working wherever life may guide her. She looks forward to meeting friendly, like-minded individuals, and providing a warm and comfortable environment for backpackers and travelers alike!



Philip K. is a newcomer to Maine Huts & Trails. He’s lived all over the world, including Australia, where he learned how to camp; Washington, where he learned to canoe, kayak, and ski; and Florida, where he spent his summers escaping from the heat to do all of these things somewhere cooler. Philip spent this past fall training to become a Wilderness EMT before moving to Boston, where he spent the spring working as a high school rowing coach. Having just finished with a successful season, he can’t wait to spend more time in the woods, meet fellow outdoorsmen, craft some meals, and learn some new things along the way.



Jess B. is a Rhode Island native who fell deeply in love with Maine during her college years in Portland. As a graduate of the Maine College of Art, she not only has a passion for art and design but also adventure and the great outdoors. This summer will be her third season with Maine Huts & Trails, having spent this past winter skiing, hiking, and exploring all that Western Maine has to offer.




Grand Falls Hut

Emily Z., an Arizona transplant to New England, is joining us for her third consecutive season. During the spring self-service season, Emily lived in Vermont, where she worked on a cider orchard, and Costa Rica, where she taught sustainable arts. This summer, her goal is to step up her vegan skills in the kitchen. She also hopes you'll join her for a yoga practice (she's a certified instructor) at the hut, or at her favorite studio- the beach on the Dead River.



Grace M. grew up just outside of Boston, Massachusetts but has been in school in Maine for the past four years and now considers it home.  She’ll be graduating with a degree in Community Health at the end of next year and is hoping to work on getting kids outside and more active.  She has never worked at the huts before but loves people and cooking healthy meals.  In the winter you can find her skiing any chance she gets, and in the summer you’ll see her exploring, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and swimming.  She is also a certified community herbalist and looking forward to brushing up on her skills this summer surrounded by the beautiful natural fauna in Maine.


Board Members

Bob Peixotto, Chair | Chair

Jo D. Saffeir, Vice Chair | Conservation Consultant

Jeff True, Treasurer | COO, Integrity Holdings LLC

Phil Coffin, Secretary | Attorney, Lambert and Coffin

Marcie Berkley | Retired, Management Professor, MIT Sloan School, Brandeis

Paul Boghossian | Principal and Owner, Hathaway Holdings

Emily Carville | Director of Online Marketing, L.L. Bean, Inc.

Calen Colby | PE, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Colby Co. Engineering

Rob Holmes | Founder and Chief Story Teller, GLP Films 

Christopher Nichols | Forester, Vice President, Seven Island Land Company

Fred PrescottVP & GMM of Retail, L.L. Bean, Inc.

Laura Rideout | Associate, Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios

Happy Rowe | Treasurer, The Boston Family Office

Russell Walters | President, Northern Outdoors

Larry Warren | Founder, Western Mountains Foundation

John Witherspoon | President, Skowhegan Savings Bank