Posted May 06, 2019

The Best and Most Beautiful Hikes in Maine Trip 101

Maine sits in the northeast of the USA and is blessed with miles of coastline, lots of conserved areas, and over a thousand miles of hiking trails. The dramatic beauty entices outdoor lovers and literally, more than 400 trails are on offer in the state. The not for profit...

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Posted Apr 18, 2016

These days you hear a lot about kids spending too much time in front of screens, and not enough time outside. While it’s true that people of all ages sometimes find it hard to put down their gadgets, at Maine Huts & Trails we’re happy to report that the kids we see around here are more likely to be playing with sticks than IPhones. This isn’t an accident. These kids are part of active outdoor families- those that...

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Posted Apr 05, 2016
Muddy moose


Early spring has never exactly been the most celebrated time of year in Maine. People planning a hiking adventure or ski trip tend to skip over late March through early June, and maybe that makes sense for some, who prefer their Maine be covered in fluffy snow or grassy fields. But there is a hidden magic in the forgotten days in between. With winter almost over, and spring shyly...

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Posted Dec 07, 2015

One of the best parts of planning an outdoor winter trip is the anticipation, and at Maine Huts & Trails, we love being part of planning your adventures. Whether it’s a hut-to-hut ski trip, a day long snowshoe through the woods or just playing outside, there’s a certain magic around someone with an adventure on their mind. When you’re in between trips, it’s easier than ever to stay inspired by keeping up...

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Posted Jun 15, 2015
Grunhorn hut in Switzerland

While still fairly new to Maine, the hut-to-hut hiking experience is a deep-rooted tradition in Europe. In fact, the Swiss Alpine Club built the first recognized ‘hut’, the Grunhorn Hut, in 1863. It seems they tired of hauling up every single thing you’d need for a few days in the mountains, and who can blame them? The idea that you can venture up and away, far from civilization, and still have fresh food, a hearty...

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Posted Mar 25, 2015

Since the beginning of time, we humans have been thinking up ways to move. Faster, smoother, uphill, downhill, under water and over clouds- if there’s a new way to get from here to there, we can’t get enough. At Maine Huts & Trails, we understand. It’s why in the winter we groom trails for Nordic skiers, and create twisting switchbacks for snowshoes. In the summer, hikers trek through hardwood groves,...

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