L.L.Bean Guided Foliage Hike

Trip Description 

L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery School: Hut-to-Hut Fall Foliage Hike

Join an expert L.L.Bean guide on a hike through legendary mountain trails, where you'll witness majestic waterfalls, shimmering lakes and far off horizons with nature's signature fall foliage on display.

At night, an entirely new experience awaits, because instead of roughing it outdoors, you'll be staying in one of the state-of-the-art eco-lodges.

Feast on 5-star cuisine from fully stocked, commercial kitchens that use locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy some downtime with one of Maine's local beers or a cup of cocoa with new friends (there's always someone stopping by). Plus, every hut has beautifully maintained full-service bathrooms, so you can take a soothing hot shower before slipping into a warm, cozy bunk to dream about the day's adventures.

There's no easier (or more comfortable) way to experience all the perks of a fall mountain hike in Maine. So leave that hefty gear and tent behind and come join us for three days/two nights of incredible views, great exercise, good company and a chance to make memories that will bring you a lifetime of joy.

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Meals, Transportation, Lodging, Gear Shuttles, Guide, Trekking Poles, Headlamp, First Aid Kit, Sunscreen





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