Trip Idea: Ski & Stay

Trip Description 


Day 1:
You'll park at the Airport Trailhead on Route 27 in Carrabassett Valley no later than 2:00. From there, ski 3.2 miles to Poplar Hut. While the distance is short, the elevation will give you a decent workout. You'll arrive at the hut by 5:00, giving you an hour to settle in before dinner is served at 6:00.

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Day 2:
Poplar Hut to Flagstaff Hut: breakfast will be served at 7:30, and you'll want to get on the trail soon after to tackle the 11.5-mile ski to Flagstaff. The hut staff will lay out a buffet spread for you to create your own bagged lunch, then head out and hit the trail towards Flagstaff! You'll still be traveling along the edge of the Bigelow Preserve, home to towering pines, mountain views, and rolling trails. Keep your camera ready, this area is a good spot to see native wildlife! Dinner at Flagstaff Hut is also served at 6 PM.

Day 3:
Flagstaff Hut to Grand Falls Hut: this section of trail is one of the most scenic of the trip, as much of it is along the slow-moving Dead River. At 11.5 miles, the distance and difficulty will be similar to Day 2. You'll arrive at Grand Falls Hut with plenty of time to trek down to the falls and take in the view. Dinner will be served at 6:00, with breakfast and a trail lunch included the next day.

Day 4:

Depending on how you've customized this trip with your reservationist, you'll have a few options to get for getting back to your vehicle or having it relocated to a pre-determined spot during the duration of your stay. We often recommend hiring All Points Transportation, a local shuttle business that's familiar with all the area trailheads. 

Talk to your reservationist about extending this trip to more huts, or taking different routes.


Cost dependent on number of nights, adults/youth and member status.


Hut accommodations and meals.






Guides are available for an additional charge, contact us for details!