Volunteer Trail Work Weekend at Flagstaff Hut


Trip Description 

2018 Summer Volunteer Trail Work Weekend is set at Flagstaff Hut for June 1st-3rd.

Volunteers will work alongside our professional trail builders and experienced group leaders to get the hut and trails ready for summer use. Outdoor projects include basic trail clearing and trimming, and other projects as needed. There will be indoor tasks too; volunteers may help staff with meal preparation for the weekend and getting the hut ready for summer.

All experience levels are welcome- if you can use the trails, you can help maintain them! There will be something for everyone, but please keep in mind that this is a full weekend of real work- responsible children over 12 are welcome to join, and will be expected to participate. Our staff and group leaders will do their best to match everyone to a project that suits their ability, and encourage regular breaks for snacks and stretching!

In addition to the items on the packing list, volunteers should bring their own work gloves, plenty of water and snacks, and any trail tools they'd like to use.

Other Trail Work Weekends:

June 8-10 Poplar Hut

June 15-17 Grand Falls Hut


$25/night covers the cost of 3 meals per day, lodging & trail building instruction





Savannah Steele
Sue Davis

Contact Email 


Please call to make your reservation (207) 265-2400.
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Volunteers are welcome to bring their own tools, but there will be tools provided.