Packing List

Recommended Items  
Backpack (large enough to carry the following items):
Trail map Towel
40° compressible sleeping bag1 (overnight guests only).
There are no blankets at the huts.
Pillowcase Change of clothes
Headlamp and/or flashlight Sunglasses
Self-rescue Kit:
  • Whistle
  • Emergency / foil blanket
  • GPS and/or compass (make sure someone in your group knows how to use it)
  • Extra batteries (you will not be able to charge any electronics at the huts)
  • First Aid, Medicine & Epi Pen if needed
Snacks (avoid foods that will freeze or spoil) Plenty of WATER3
Recommended Summer/Fall Items Recommended Winter Items
Suncreen Extra Hat
Insect repellant Extra gloves or mittens
Cap or bandana Extra socks (avoid cotton)
Swimsuit Hand/foot warmers
Rain gear Wind and waterproof outer layer

Blaze Orange - hunting season only. 

Hunting Season Dates >>

Optional Items
Book/journal Multi-purpose tool
Cash (credit cards are accepted at the huts, but you may want to leave a tip for the hut staff) Matches and/or lighter
Hiking poles Ski wax (if appropriate)

1 Bunkrooms are kept heated to about 50°F during the cooler months.
2 A pair of light, slip-on shoes are ideal for wearing around the hut and between the main lodge and bunkrooms. (Flip-flops are good during the summer!)
3 Potable water is available at all huts for guests to refill water bottles so you will not need to bring all the water for your trip. However you’ll want to bring enough water bottles to carry a sufficient amount of water. (For those going hut-to-hut, three quarts per person per day is a good rule of thumb, depending on the weather and your level of fitness. For those hiking only the short distances from a trailhead, 1 to 2 quarts per person should suffice, again, depending on the weather and your level of fitness.)

What NOT to bring

Since we produce all of our own power, electricity is at a premium. You should not bring the following items:

  • Hair dryers or curling/flat irons
  • Laptops or iPads
  • Portable/electronic game devices
  • Stereos or CD players

Please do your part to help us conserve!