Summer 2020 at Maine Huts & Trails


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Maine Huts & Trails stands against racism.  We stand for equality. We offer a safe space for dialogue and an opportunity to build resilience in and among people and communities.

Culturally, emotionally, health-wise we are all managing a lot in these complex - and important - times.  There are real lives, many lives, black lives at stake, every moment of every day, close by and around the world.  Maine Huts & Trails is geographically a long way from the city marches and the strained emergency rooms, but we are not removed or distant from their importance today and for tomorrow.

The Maine Hut experience is a bulls-eye for the coronavirus; huts as physical spaces to bring people from near and far together into close proximity. As much as we want to be that restorative structural space, we can still be a venue to educate, learn from each other, and make new friends, but we are going to have to approach things a little differently for a while. 

We are renting Flagstaff Hut to families to be together in a wonderful space.  5-night and 3-night stays, with cleaning and no occupancy days in between.

The Trail part of our name is still that incredible Maine outdoor experience it has always been - for hikers, mountain bikers, bird-watchers, waterfall seekers, and everyone. We ask that trail users follow all the smart health-centered practices when out on the trail: think of the health of others, practice social distancing, do your homework about the trip and be prepared. Your health and safety are very important to us and our Maine Huts & Trails community. 

More information about renting Flagstaff Hut is available at our links to availability, rates, and more-information pages.  Today's events are sources of learning and growing and changing. Time outside is as important as ever; take advantage of the restorative power of a walk in the woods.









News & Updates

Volunteer Caretakers -- Are Superstars!

We wish to thank the many dozens of volunteer caretakers who did such an outstanding job attending to the huts this winter. You took care of them as though they were your own. You welcomed guests and made them feel at home. You kept the kitchens and respective food prep operating like a smooth machine. You tended to the wood heat systems around the clock (literally), and the wood well stocked. It was so much work, and full of laughs and comradery. We appreciate very, very much every bit of effort and care you shared for and with Maine Huts & Trails. Please check back for future volunteer opportunities this spring and summer on the trails.

Trail Conditions

This winter season, we will be posting trail condition updates to the Maine Huts & Trails Facebook Page instead of on our website. Be sure to Follow @MaineHuts on Facebook to receive notifications about new posts.