Trail Conditions

In the winter months, Maine Huts & Trails provides a backcountry trail experience for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat-biking.

This winter season, we will be posting trail condition updates to the Maine Huts & Trails Facebook Page instead of on our website.

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Trail Report

For the Winter 2019/20 season, Maine Huts & Trails will be operating in self-service and with very limited staff and grooming resources

Grooming operations will take place on the Maine Hut Trail on an “as-possible” basis in a manner that strives to maintain a safe trail experience while at the same time being economically viable. Trails will not be groomed daily. Trails will be groomed or packed at the completion of snow storms with measurable accumulation, after a thaw/freeze cycle, when considerable traffic has deteriorated the trail surface and/or when conditions are deemed unsafe for skiing.

Please keep in mind that the Maine Hut Trail is linear as opposed to circular. Consequently, the process of grooming from one end of trail to the other is very time consuming and can take as much time as an entire day to groom. Trail users should be aware of the time involved to groom end-to-end and understand that if the trail update states that grooming is underway, it may be hours before a groomer is seen on any given section of trail. Some weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns and blow down debris on trails may also interfere with and slow down the grooming process. It is our recommendation that trail users arrive at the trailhead prepared with different types of equipment (i.e. skis and snowshoes) in case the conditions change and do not match their planned use.

If you notice a section of trail that needs attention, please let us know

Trailhead Closures

1. Gauge Road Trailhead (beginning of Carriage Road near the Carrabassett Valley Town Office) is closed. The nearest trailhead is the Airport Trailhead; see all available trailheads.

It is crucial to pay attention to No-Parking signs.

Trail Closures

Hemlock Trail, no winter permissions. Please check conditions and the MH&T Trail Map for trail closures and designated use. 

Hut Closures 

Grand Falls Hut is closed for the WInter 19/20 season.

Current Re-routes



If you have specific questions or concerns about your safety on the trails, please contact us