We Are Taking Reservations for Winter 2022-2023! We Are Hiring! Winter Volunteer Opportunities.


Hurray! We are preparing for the upcoming winter season. Huts open for overnight stays on Thursday, December 29th. Full and Self-service Hut Experiences Available through Sunday, March 26th.

Our on-line reservations page is open to begin exploring your winter adventure with Maine Huts & Trails.

To help you prepare for making your reservation, our hut and trail experiences are building on the successes of last winter. What do you want your winter experience to be?

  • Three Huts: Stratton Brook Hut, Poplar Hut, and Flagstaff Hut. (Grand Falls is currently closed. Trails will not be maintained out to Grand Falls this winter.)

  • Full-service overnights Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (additionally New Year's Day, MLK, and President's Day Holidays)

  • Self-service overnights (Sundays through Wednesdays).

  • Bunk room rentals (as opposed to individual bunks).

  • Gear shuttles

  • 40 miles of groomed trail, linking to miles of additional nordic and fat-biking trails stewarded by our partners CRNEMBA, the Town of Carrabassett Valley, and Sugarloaf

Trail Information:

  • The Maine Hut Trail is open. Enjoy the trails! Please visit the Carrabassett trails page here for the most updated trail information.

  • The bridges along the Dead River stretch of the MH Trail to Grand Falls Hut are in poor shape and the trail has not been mowed. We do not advise traveling on this trail at this time. Planning continues to repair and upgrade the bridges to again experience the remarkably beautiful Dead River out to Grand Falls and the Hut.

Work with us:

  • We are currently hiring for winter, including seasonal hut and trail staff and full time positions.

  • Join our team and being part of a new season of Maine Huts & Trails adventures.

Click here for employment opportunities.


Maine Huts & Trails will continue to grow and be strong and successful because of you, our community. 

Volunteer opportunities this fall and winter include:

  • Stacking wood at the three huts (fall)

  • Assisting at the huts on full-service weekends and self-service weekdays (Dec-Mar)

  • Trail stewarding (fall)

Interested in volunteering this winter? Please let us know by sharing your information here.

Upcoming Events:

  • Lunches open at Stratton Brook Hut and Poplar Stream Hut: Tuesday, December 27th

  • Huts Open for Winter Overnights: Thursday, December 29: 

  • ​Big Tree Alpine Feast, Saturday February 25 (stay tuned for additional details)

  • Additional Stratton Brook Guest Chef Lunches to be announced

News & Updates

Trail Conditions

This fall and winter, we will be posting trail condition updates to the Maine Huts & Trails Facebook Page instead of on our website. Be sure to Follow @MaineHuts on Facebook to receive notifications about new posts.

MH&T Volunteers - The Foundation Blocks of the MH&T Experience

Maine Huts & Trails wishes to thank the many, many volunteers who have supported us - propped us - and leaned-in your shoulders and hard work for us to be here today - poised for a great winter ahead. MH&T welcomes you - and needs you - to be part of our comeback! Check out our volunteer opportunities here! Maine Huts & Trails - reimagined, reinvigorated, and community inspired.