Welcome to Maine Huts & Trails

In the course of our 11 young years, Maine Huts & Trails has succeeded on so many fronts. Many hands built an organization to be proud of. We created spaces for shared experience that re-energize the soul. We opened the eyes and hearts of thousands of young adventurers to nature and brought them along in a journey to be tomorrow’s generation of environmental stewards. Maine Huts & Trails has come to a juncture. Our ability to open the huts and groom the trails during the upcoming winter season is in jeopardy due to a significant funding shortage.

To address the financial shortfall, the organization needs to raise a minimum of $500,000 to open for the winter. Ultimately, Maine Huts & Trails needs to raise more than $1 million to pursue its strategic plan to restructure its financial model for long-term sustainability.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months we invite you to join us and help us on our journey to a new bright and vital place for the organization.


News & Updates

Winter 2019/20 Self-Service

We are now taking reservations for the winter 2019/20 season. Start your reservation today by completing the online reservation form.

Winter Lodging Rates

The 2019/20 winter season will be self-service, where meals are not provided and the huts will have only a volunteer caretaker to keep the systems running.

Trail Conditions

This winter season, we will be posting trail condition updates to the Maine Huts & Trails Facebook Page instead of on our website. Be sure to Follow @MaineHuts on Facebook to receive notifications about new posts.

Get Involved

As a small nonprofit organization, Maine Huts & Trails relies on a strong support team of volunteers, members, business sponsors, and donors to help make our mission a reality.