Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of Maine Huts & Trails is to provide inviting backcountry experiences that inspire reverence for Maine's western mountains, forests, and waters and help strengthen the local economy.


Our vision is an economically robust region recognized nationally for outdoor recreation and an ecologically significant landscape.


  • Environmental Stewardship
    Maine Huts & Trails models environmentally responsible economic development and employs best practices in our facilities, trail building and maintenance.
  • Community
    Maine Huts & Trails benefits and values its community and region and the many landowners who support us.
  • Wellness
    Maine Huts & Trails encourages active, healthy living by providing safe, people-powered backcountry experiences.
  • Service
    Maine Huts & Trails strives to provide rewarding and engaging experiences for our guests and stakeholders.
  • Accessibility
    Maine Huts & Trails seeks to ensure public access to remote and special places to all for generations to come.
  • Collaboration
    Maine Huts & Trails believes the strongest possible outcome for our region requires the collaboration of many people, towns, and organizations.

Long-Term Goals

  • Create an outdoor recreation resource of national significance
  • Stimulate environmentally sensitive economic development in Western Maine
  • Provide perpetual year-round public access to visitors of all ages and abilities
  • Offer opportunities for environmental and experiential education; and
  • Promote an environmental stewardship and conservation ethic

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