Our Board

Bob Peixotto, Chair | Retired, COO, L.L. Bean, Inc.

Emily Carville, Vice Chair | Strategic Advisor, HomeAdvisor International, former Director roles in Marketing and Digital Strategy at L.L. Bean, Inc.

Eliza H. S. Happy Rowe, Treasurer | Treasurer, The Boston Family Office

Phil Coffin, Secretary | Attorney & Partner, Lambert Coffin

John Beliveau CFA, CFP| Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, H.M Payson

Marcie Berkley | Retired, Management Professor – MIT Sloan School, Brandeis

Calen Colby | Co-Founder and Co-Owner - Colby Company Engineering

Chris Dargie | Attorney & Shareholder, Bernstein Shur

Charles Gauvin | Former Executive Director/CEO Trout Unlimited and Maine Audubon Society, and Past Development Officer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Rob Holmes | Founder and Chief Story Teller, GLP Films – (Makers of World-wide Outdoor Travel Films for National Geographic)

John Mahon | Retired, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Business Policy and Strategy, University of Maine Business School.

Avery Schmeisser | Strategic Advisor Brand, Strategy & Operations, CAS Consulting

Russell Walters | President - Northern Outdoors and North America Strategic Director of Adventure Travel Trade Association

Larry Warren | Founder - Maine Huts & Trails, Western Mountains and Rivers Corporation