Trail Conditions

In the winter months, Maine Huts & Trails provides a backcountry trail experience for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat-biking. The trails take a break in the spring for mud season, and return in the summer for biking, hiking, trail running and exploring.

UPDATE: The Maine Hut Trail system and other local trails are OPEN for the summer!  Be aware, areas of trail are still drying out from the damp spring. Use caution to preserve wet ground. For details on all trails in the area, please visit the Carrabassett Valley Trails page.

Flagstaff Hut will be open with onsite caretakers for the summer. Please respect summer rentals groups privacy if occupied.
Stratton Hut is currently closed, but will be open select weekends for events.
Poplar Hut is closed for the summer, due to the Access Road bridge needing replacement. 

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Trail Report

Trail Closures

Section of Narrow Gauge Pathway - S-turn section between Crommett's/Maine Hut Trail and Crommett's Connector Trail due to extreme washouts. Please use Crommett's/Maine Hut Trail for travel between Stratton Hut and the Airport Trailhead. View Sections >>
Hemlock Trail - closed due to landowner permissions
Crommett's Connector Trail - closed due to Penobscot Nation View Sections >>
Maine Hut Trail from Big Eddy Trailhead to Grand Falls Hut - Bridges need repairing along the Dead River.
Maine Hut Trail from West Forks Trailhead to Grand Falls Hut

Trailhead Closures

Gauge Road/Old Poplar Stream Trailhead (Near the Carrabassett Valley Town Office) is closed. Bridge to parking is washed out and needs to be rebuilt by town. The nearest trailhead is the Airport Trailhead.
West Forks/Grand Falls Trailhead - Not currently maintained.
Lower Enchanted Trailhead - Not currently maintained.

Hut Closures 

Grand Falls Hut is closed for trail and solar system repairs.

Current Re-routes



If you have specific questions or concerns about your safety on the trails, please contact us