Mountain Biking

A hut-to-hut mountain bike tour is a really fun way to experience the Maine backcountry, and our trail network links up with some of the best mountain biking in New England. The 80 mile plus, world-class system is suitable for both traditional mountain bikes (front suspension recommended) and fat tire bikes. The riding accomodates all skill levels and once the tempurature drops, you'll find our trails are groomed for winter snow biking, too. Easy-goers will enjoy beebopping between Stratton Brook Hut and Poplar Hut along the Narrow Gauge Pathway, a rail-trail style gravel path meandering beside the Carrabassett River, while more adventurous riders can gain some mileage on purpose-built single track and double track trails reaching as far north as Grand Falls Hut.

Make sure to book a gear shuttle for your pack with your reservation so you can cruise between huts without the extra weight.

Don't have a bike, yet? Contact one of the local bike shops below to set up a rental!

Check out TrailHUB, a free app for your phone that will give you a detailed picture of what our mountain bike trail network looks like. TrailHUB is a navigation tool with conditions updates and alerts set by the Maine Huts & Trails trail crew that lets you play like a local. Download the app, set up your account, select your state, activity, and organization (Maine Huts & Trails). Then you can view our trails, get detailed notes on their status, and even lock the screen to navigate without data as you make your way along your new favorite ride.

There are some great things happening in the Valley! Take advantage of weekend Free Shuttle rides curtosy of our friends at Sugarloaf. Come explore, this is Maine outdoors at its best. 

Before heading out check MH&T Trail Conditions or the local NEMBA chapter's conditions page here.

We can keep talking about how amazing the biking is out here, or you could just come experience it for yourself!


Bike Rentals, Apparel, and Maintenance

Carrabassett Valley Bike - (207) 235-8863

Allspeed Cyclery - (207) 779-3951

AJ's Bikes (Fat Bikes Only) - (813) 685-2453

FIS (Ski tuning shop that does mountain bike maintenance, too) - (207) 265-5100

Fat Biking

Find out more about out what trails are good for Fat Biking. We have great beginner and expert rides to chose from.

Fat tire biking is a really fun way to travel from hut to hut. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so whether you’re on a fat bike yourself or see them out on the trails, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Unlike skiing, the best conditions for fat biking are when the snow is hard packed and firm- so don’t waste a good powder day on your bike. If you're planning a fat bike trip weeks or more in advance, be ready to change your plans to skiing or snowshoeing just in case we get a big snowstorm. The worst skiing conditions are the best biking conditions, as the grippy tires are built to handle some ice, and you’ll be able to balance easily with more speed.

Consider other trail users. Bikes don’t need (or want) set ski tracks, so leave the tracked trail for cross country skiers. Also, remember to yield to skiers and snowshoers. December and April are prime months for fat biking. Weather and trail conditions are unpredictable, but early morning is almost always great riding. The trails are cold and firm at first, and start getting a little tacky as the day warms up.


Bike Rentals

AJ's Bikes - (813) 685-2453

Biking Hut to Hut

While it’s possible to bike between all the huts, the best biking is around and between Poplar Hut and Stratton Brook Hut and at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center. From flat, wide trails, to technical single track, and even some sections of logging roads, difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced, offering something for every rider.

Biking from Poplar Hut to Flagstaff Hut is an intermediate ride and includes biking one mile on the paved Long Falls Dam Road.

Biking from Flagstaff Hut to Grand Falls Hut is another intermediate ride due to the range of trail conditions, including possible wet and/or muddy areas, tall grass, and other obstacles. The experience of biking along the Dead River is worth the variable trail conditions!

At this time, the trail between Grand Falls and West Forks is only maintained during the winter season. Unless posted otherwise, trails are open for riding from May to late October. Fat tire bikes are allowed year-round, but please help us maintain trail integrity by staying away from wet areas in the spring.

Bike Trips & Events

Carrabassett Valley has quietly been growing a local mountain bike scene for a few decades, and it's really taken off over the past few years. There are mountain biking events throughout the year (yes, even winter), and an expanding network of some of the best single track in New England. Mountain bike rentals are available from local shops, and there are trails in the area for every level of rider. 

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Maine Huts & Trails Biking Rules

In addition to commonly understood rules of the road, please remember the following when using the Maine Huts & Trails system:

  1. Please pay attention to posted signage along the system indicating areas open/appropriate for biking and those that are closed to bikes.
  2. Control your bike and ride responsibly.
  3. When approaching hikers or other bikers from the rear, slow down and announce your presence. Pass slowly and safely.
  4. Please dismount and walk your bike through wet areas.
  5. When riding on gravel or paved roads use caution and watch for oncoming vehicles.