3-Minute Shower Challenge

We strive as an organization to be environmentally-friendly. One way that we've attempted this is to conserve our water at the huts. However, just asking people to conserve water can be kinda boring and it doesn't always resonate. We needed to add some excitement! That is why we've turned water conservation into a little game....The 3-Minute Shower Challenge! Watch the video to learn more about the challenge and how you can get involved. Below are the official rules for the game:

Official Rules:

  • Attempt to take a shower in less than 3 minutes (No one will be timing you...We rely on the Honor Policy)
    • If you take a shower in less than 3 minutes, tell the Hut Staff! They'll get you up onto the Wall of Shower Fame & give you a cookie.
    • If you don't take a shower in less than 3 minutes, that is alright. We appreciate your effort in helping us conserve water!

With the 3-Minute Shower Challenge going on at the huts, you can help us conserve water and become famous for your shortened shower efforts. So the next time you're at the huts, give it a try! And don't forget to try it at home as well.

If we all join together, we can conserve our water!

Thank you & we'll see you on the trails and at the huts!