I've Booked, Now What?

To make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea to make sure we’ve covered everything in advance. Please read the following steps carefully, and have fun preparing for your adventure!

What to do next

  • Review your confirmation email carefully, and let us know as soon as possible if anything needs to be changed.
  • Review the this important infomation sheet (a.k.a. packing list.)
  • Fill out the online guest information form, and make sure everyone in your party does, as well. If you’re a group leader (making one reservation for 12 or more people), forward the form link (mainehuts.wufoo.com/forms/guest-information/) to every adult in your group.
  • Review driving directions to your first trailhead, and give yourself plenty of travel time to arrive at the hut by 5:00PM. Don’t forget that the distance from the trailhead to the hut will be anywhere from 2 to 15 miles and could take up to 8 hours of travel after you’ve parked your vehicle. Be sure to factor this into your travel time.
  • Review the Maine Huts & Trails trail map. If you don’t have a map, you can purchase one online and have it mailed to you.
  • If you’re planning to use a shuttle service for yourself or your vehicle, make those arrangements in advance.
  • Familiarize yourself with any new gear you’ll be using. Be sure to break in new boots or sneakers.

What to do before you leave

Remember that gear shuttles and food allergies/restrictions should have been covered when you made your reservation. Please call as soon as possible if you need to make any changes or additions.

Like any outdoor adventure, planning ahead is key to having a great time. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming trip, please call us anytime. If you’re coming through Kingfield, stop by the office to fill up water bottles, browse our retail wall, check out maps, or just say hi!