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Supporting Maine Huts & Trails is an investment in the Maine outdoors. As a non-profit, we rely on the support of foundations, corporations, and individuals like you to help fund essential maintenance, improvements, and education for outdoor adventures. Your donation is tax-deductible and helps our effort to create this resource of national significance for the State of Maine. Support the Maine outdoors by joining us today!

Our New Model

Exciting news for Fall 2023! We’re on a journey to a great future, and a change we needed to make was how we ask for financial support. Now it is even easier to be part of Maine Huts & Trails. We have combined memberships and donations into one unified category: Donors. This new strategy offers our supporters more options for their contributions. 

Our new donor levels are named after the backcountry experience from start to finish.

$50 - Trailhead 
$150 - Blaze
$300 - Trail Keeper
$500 - Backcountry Explorer
$1000 - Hut Champion
$2500 - Vista

Donate now! Interested in being a donor of $3,000 or more? Contact us about our Peak Donor Levels.

All donor levels receive:
- Acknowledgement and recognition
- Early access booking for reservations
- Early ticket access for events
- Last minute deals for stays

Backcountry Explorer and above additionally receive special dinner and event invites.

Don't forget to add to your safe list! 

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Why the change?


  • This strategy lessens complexity which in turn reduces administrative and operational costs.
  • These savings are put back into the organization to ensure we are serving all of our stakeholders and are better able to fulfill our mission.
  • All financial contributors to Maine Huts & Trails are important. Your donations are what keeps our trails open and our huts warm in the winter.

How we use Donations

The mission of MH&T is to provide inviting backcountry experiences that inspire reverence for Maine’s western mountains, forests, and waters and help strengthen the local economy. Our vision is an economically robust region recognized nationally for outdoor recreation and an ecologically significant landscape. Your contributions ensure we can maintain our trails, huts and regional impact.


MH&T provides access to private lands that otherwise wouldn’t be publicly accessible. We maintain safe trails, bridges, and signage that require ongoing, multi-season upkeep.

Our donor funded free trails are available year round. The public is welcome to hike, bike, snowshoe, and ski on over 80 miles of trail.


Contributions will help us optimize our hydro, solar, and battery performance, and to build on our long-term goal to minimize our overall impact on the environment.

MH&T is committed to further reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. We’ve rejuvenated Poplar Hut’s hydropower source and reduced propane use by at least 65%.


Maine Huts & Trails is the backbone of evolving recreation infrastructure in western Maine that has contributed $50 million dollars of economic impact, and is a source of pride for the region and state. Your support helps position MH&T as a premier center for place-based outdoor recreation, education, and personal discovery for students and adventurers of all ages.

Our mission, vision, and experiences today are just as important and profound as they were when our story first came alive at Poplar Stream Hut in 2008, and we are better positioned than we ever have been to ensure every fundraised dollar is invested in our guests experiences, our people, and our future.

What does it mean for Existing Members?

Don’t worry! We will honor all previous perks for the remainder of your membership.

Upon expiration, members will be asked to continue their support using the new model. Continue your support!

As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, Maine Huts & Trails relies upon tax deductible donations as well as funding from foundations and corporations.