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Maine Huts & Trails is truly a year-round destination. From the snowiest winter months too long, balmy summer days, there's really never a bad time to experience a Maine backcountry adventure… as long as you plan ahead and come prepared.

One of our most popular seasons is winter, when we offer a blend of full-service and self-service experiences. 


Winter at Stratton Brook Hut, photo by John OrcuttWe offer individual overnight room stays for our winter season.

Full-service days are for overnight guests who stay on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (beginning in mid-December to the end of March). These days are fully staffed and guests are provided with a hearty, family-style dinner and breakfast (included in the cost of an overnight stay) throughout their stay. A bagged lunch is also provided for the trail (included with an overnight stay). Wine and beer are available for purchase at huts. Gear shuttle services are also available to guests for an additional charge during full-service days.

Self-service days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As an overnight guest, you'll be given access to our beautiful commercial kitchens to cook up your own fantastic meals (and we will have some cooking essentials in stock for you such as spices, oils; etc.). We also have yummy Good To-Go gourmet meals in a packet for sale at the Huts. The huts are heated during winter self-service and guests have access to bathroom and shower facilities.

If you stop by a hut during a self-service day, the hut will be staffed; however the food experience will be limited in comparison to full-service days. It is not a rare occasion to see oatmeal, soups or even cookies available to purchase on these limited days.

Lunches are available for purchase Saturday and Sunday from 12-2PM at all our huts.

Skiers, snowshoers, and fat-tire bikers all enjoy the trails throughout winter. Winter in Maine can be pretty intense, but it is spectacular. The forest will be blanketed with all types of snow, and temperatures range from 20 below to 40 above, but you'll warm up quickly on the trail. Dress in warm, breathable layers to stay comfortable.

Grand Falls SpringSpring 

Starting mid-May, huts will be available for full hut, self-service style rentals. We do not offer individual overnight stays during the spring/summer/fall season.

The natural freeze/thaw cycles and frequent rain keep the trail conditions variable, so the Huts will be closed the month of April and part of May for mud season. Be sure to check with the Kingfield office for closed trail sections.​ Huts will reopen for rentals in May, and will not be staffed or provide meals, so guests are on their own for food. Temps can range anywhere from the single digits or lower in April to the mid 60s in June.

So why come this time of year? Spring in Maine is all about waterfalls and fishing. With the snow melting from the mountaintops, the waterfalls around Poplar Hut and Grand Falls Hut are spectacular. Trout and salmon are especially active in the Dead River and in the Grand Falls area. See more about fishing at Maine Huts & Trails.

Be sure to check out our blog "Why Mud Season is Secretly the Best" to learn more about this under-rated time of year in Maine!


Yoga at Stratton Brook HutHuts come alive in the summer! The trail crew has all spring to clear away winter debris and freshen up the trails, and the huts are ready to go. Huts will be rented to groups in the summer only, we will not be doing individual room rentals for overnight guests.

The weather from July-August is very pleasant, averaging 65-85°. Humidity can be high, and occasional thunderstorms are to be expected, sometimes without much warning. It's wise to bring a waterproof layer even when skies look clear. The hottest days can get into the nineties, but many trails are along the water, so it's easy to cool off in a cold mountain stream or waterfall. Nights are typically in the 50s, so bring a warm layer to wear by the fire pit at night!

As an overnight guest, you'll be given access to our beautiful commercial kitchens to cook up your own fantastic meals. We will also be able to provide gear shuttles to and from the huts as part of your stay.

Fall Hike at Flagstaff Lake in MaineFall

September through October is a really special time to experience Maine. The forest transforms with fall foliage, and the air is crisp, clean and cool with brilliant blue skies. Temperatures can vary widely – sometimes getting into the high 80s in September to 40s or lower in October. It's not unusual to see snow, though it doesn’t usually stay long. Be aware that hunting season is in full swing, so it’s important to wear highly visible clothing (blaze orange is a must) to be sure hunters can see you.

Only private group rentals will be available at our huts from mid-May to mid-October.



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