Guest Stories & Reviews

The best it could be
March 10, 2024

Even though there wasn't snow for skiing, we enjoyed microspiking (and a little snowshoeing in the rain) in the beautiful woods and trails The warm huts, drying rooms, and good food were much appreciated each day!

Catherine in the office, Rachel at Poplar, and the snowmobile guys deserve special thanks for going above and beyond in their kindness.

Here's hoping for a better and longer winter next year...


Hut to hut hike
March 8, 2024

We had a group of 7 women for our hut to hut hike.  Started off with micro spikes as all the snow had melted and left sheets of ice on the trail.  First night was Poplar Spring Hut.  Took Warrens trail to see the magnificent waterfall, then off to the hut.  The crew was awesome and played the best music.  Food was delicious.
Second night was at Stratton Brook Hut.  We had a great staff and more delicious food.  We had a group of high school kids from South Portland that were very entertaining to watch as they played games.  We were blessed with a snowstorm on Saturday night  and hiked out to a winter wonderland. 
We had sooo much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year.
Thank you Maine Huts!


A great stay
March 1, 2024

I am not a hiker or a camper (in any season). I was very hesitant to try winter hiking and an overnight stay in a cabin, but my partner was excited about the trip (a birthday present for him). Overall, I had a lovely time and really enjoyed my experience at Flagstaff Hut. My partner and I loved the food, the hut setup was really nice, and hiking in and out in the snow was surprisingly fun. My partner loved our time there too. Would visit again!


Flagstaff epic lake ski
March 1, 2024

We arrived at Flagstaff Hut Thursday 2/29/24 after a slick ski in. It was frigid and the trails were challenging. While this remained on Friday, we headed toward Dead River along the still icy trails. It would have been good if the trails had been skimmed with the groomer to atleast give us more edge, however we made it work. After a wonderful lunch in the sun along the flowing "Dead" River, we decided to turn onto the lake for the return trip to Flagstaff Hut. That was the best decision of the trip! Epic sunny skies and views were the backdrop to a fun ski along the ice and crusty edges, even allowing some of us to effectively skate-ski the edge. It was the perfect day and it was made all the better with cocoa, coffee and a delicious meal at the hut! We're glad we made the most of the daunting trail conditions.  Thank you to the staff!  Adam, Rachel and Shayna

All-around great experience!
February 23, 2024

Such wonderful stays at Stratton and Poplar with a fun, energetic, and welcoming staff at both.  Kudos to them for all they do and the great vibe they create.

Got lucky with a snowy day making the ski from Stratton to Poplar really great.  The next day's Poplar to Flagstaff was a sparkler and cold temps in the teens but equally memorable.  The trail grooming was great and helpful - and particularly cranking up the stove in the yurt!   Don't miss the ski up from the yurt for a fantastic view of the Bigelows.

-Cynthia & David

Lovely Stay
February 19, 2024

It was a lovely stay at the self service at Flagstaff. Area was kept clean, nice to have warm showers.  Helpful staff. There were no ski tracks -that was a bummer.
Views of the lake were lovely!!

They didn't have a dinner sign up - but selected a time - times need to be decided in the AM before guest leave for the day. On Tuesday we had sat down to relax and learned we need to start cooking in a 1/2 hour. I figured we have the same time slot as the night before.
A guest slept on the lounge sofa for 4 hours - at one point snoring - I was shocked at the rudeness. Please don't be a guest that does this!!