We Need Your Help

Donate Today to Help Build a Brighter Future for Maine Huts & Trails

Eleven years ago, Maine Huts & Trails opened opportunities for people to experience the majesty of western Maine’s mountains, forests, and waters in a truly unique way.

Our goals as a nonprofit have been to:

  • Inspire deeper connections to nature
  • Model environmentally sustainable recreational development
  • Promote a conservation ethic
  • Create a resource of national significance for the benefit of the local and state economy

We have now come to a critical moment in our still young history. By the end of our first decade, rising costs of required improvements to infrastructure and increased staffing needs were outpacing revenue from the backcountry experiences our guests have always enjoyed. As a result, our ability to open the huts and groom the trails during the upcoming winter season is in jeopardy.

Raising $500,000 by November 1 enables us to open the huts this winter.

Maine Huts & Trails also hopes to keep working on a new operating model to achieve sustainability and maintain our vision of an economically robust region recognized nationally for outdoor recreation and an ecologically significant landscape. Our intention is to enable a meaningful change in the model - evolving from focusing on hospitality to balancing efforts across hospitality, strategic public-private partnerships, and philanthropy.

Raising $1 million this year gives us the capacity to continue to evolve our model.

We are sincerely grateful to you -- our guests, members, volunteers, and generous donors, who have always supported the mission of Maine Huts & Trails in your own special ways -- for supporting our journey so far. We have provided a very special place for so many positive experiences outdoors, and we hope to continue to do so for many more years to come.