Easy Camping Menu

Here at Maine Huts & Trails, we are firm believers that no outdoor adventure is complete without a delicious meal at the end of the day, and we pride ourselves on serving locally sourced, organic food whenever possible. But whether you’re tenting out on an island at Flagstaff, or staying at a hut during self-service season, there are times when you’ve got to fend for yourself in the kitchen or over the campfire. We’ve put together an easy menu that makes the most out of just a few healthy ingredients (and of course bacon). Think of these as building blocks more than recipes, and feel free to improvise! The key is planning ahead and packing strategically:

  1. Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Wraps
  2. Lunch: Veggie Burritos
  3. Dinner: Spinach, Bacon, Mushroom Ravioli

What You Need (amounts are based on two adults, adjust accordingly):

¼ lb Spinach
8 oz sliced mushrooms
Handful each of the following FRESH herbs (if you can’t find fresh, don’t bother with dry): parsley, cilantro, and basil
½ cup shredded asiago… any hard shredded cheese is fine
4 eggs
4 tortillas
1 8oz can of prepared black beans and rice (Eden Organic is good)
1 16 oz package of precooked ravioli
½ lb-1lb of bacon
½ cup of olive oil, pack in a clean plastic bottle (Odwalla bottles work well)
Salt and pepper- a plastic baggie is fine, but try to get the packets from fast food places/gas stations- they pack really well.

Make Ahead:

Cook bacon and mushrooms together in a cast iron skillet- when it’s cooled, crumble the bacon and pack in a Ziplock bag with the mushrooms.

Boil eggs- soft enough to have a runny yolk, hard enough to not break on the hike… a 7 minute boil should do it. Keep the shells on, and pack in an egg carton that you’ve cut to fit.

Separate the spinach into 3 Ziplock bags- half the spinach in a bag with the basil, then divide the rest into two more bags: one with parsley, one with cilantro. Labeling is helpful!  

Packing Tips:

Put the heaviest, sturdiest ingredients in first: tortillas at the very bottom as a base- then olive oil, salt and pepper, canned beans, ravioli, and an ice pack (may not be necessary depending on weather/length of trip). Then snuggle in cheese, eggs, and bacon/mushroom bag on top of the ice pack, then the bags of spinach and herbs at the top.

To Prepare Breakfast:

Warm one tortilla per person, (or don’t- cold is fine too). Peel eggs, then smoosh them onto tortillas with a drizzle of olive oil, ¼ of the bacon/mushroom mix, and plenty of salt and pepper. Top with spinach, parsley, and asiago, then roll into a wrap.

To Prepare Lunch:

Layer rice and beans onto your tortillas, top with spinach/cilantro and asiago, roll into a burrito. Warm them in an oven or over a campfire. To save time on the trail, make these ahead of time and pack in tinfoil.

To Prepare Dinner:

Boil ravioli according to package, drain. While still warm, toss in the spinach/basil mix, ¾ of the bacon and mushrooms, and almost all of the olive oil. Cover for long enough to pour a glass of wine, (those single serve wine boxes are awesome for camping), and serve with a handful of asiago.

There’s not much better than getting outside for a day of adventures, and settling in with an awesome meal at the end. Do you have a favorite camping recipe? We’d love to hear it, just post in the comments! Thanks, and see you on the trail.