George Lawrence Award for Volunteer Service

Maine Huts & Trails is proud to announce John Freeman as the recipient of the 2023 George Lawrence Award for volunteer service. John has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of our Poplar Stream Hut hydroelectric project. The hydroelectric project has been so successful, that Poplar Hut now relies on solar and hydro power to run the entire hut in the winter season! This reduces our need to use propane as a supplemental energy source. Read more about our hydroelectric system at Poplar.

George’s boundless enthusiasm, generosity and hard work as a volunteer and board member helped to launch and sustain Maine Huts & Trails.  He was a great friend, advisor, and passionate supporter of our mission. Be it further resolved that, in honor of George’s being Maine’s Huts and Trails earliest and most prolific volunteer, the George Lawrence Award for Volunteer Service shall be established and awarded annually to recognize the year’s most valuable volunteer.