You Call This a Hut?!

We realize that the word 'hut' may conjure images of a tiny mountain hideaway at best, and a shoddily built shack at worst. So then why do we call them huts?

We chose that term because our model is inspired by the many hut-and-trail routes built throughout the Alps. But you’ll be happy to know we’ve taken a few liberties. Our huts are spacious, architect-designed models of modern but rustic off-the-grid living. Vaulted ceilings, beautiful leather furniture, crackling woodstoves, and walls of windows welcome you in the common rooms. Your locally sourced meals are prepared in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, powered, like everything else, by solar or hydro energy. The clean, modern bathrooms feature hot showers and composting toilets. And the heated bunk rooms, while minimalist in design, are a welcome respite after a day on the trails. We know that you come to the huts to enjoy the outdoors, but we think the destination should be just as rewarding as the journey.