Eco-Friendly Fall at Maine Huts & Trails

KINGFIELD, Maine - As fall approaches and leaves start changing color, Maine Huts & Trails maintains a strong hold on all things green. With the mountains and forest exploding with color, the air turning crisp and cool, and farm-fresh produce ready for the harvest table, it's the perfect time for a backwoods vacation and Maine Huts & Trails just so happens to be the best place for an eco-friendly, off-the-grid, hut-to-hut adventure.

Fall-time feels at Maine Huts & Trails. Photo Credit: Jamie Walter

There are so many things to love about fall and one of its treasures is the warm weather during the day and the crisp evenings, making for impeccable conditions for outdoor recreation. If you're ready to explore the trails painted with dramatic hues of crimson, auburn and gold, here are a few highlights about the eco-friendly features you'll find at the huts, green activities to participate in, and delicious food to fuel up on after a day of leaf peeping.

  • Unplug, relax and feel great about what you're doing -- At Maine Huts & Trails, everything is done to minimize environmental impact. From a paperless reservation system to state-of-the-art solar panels, maintaining a low carbon footprint takes priority. Guests are encouraged to power down all electronics and enjoy a screen-free experience. The huts themselves are models of sustainable building; each hut has a solar panel array, and all are equipped with wood gasification boilers that supply hot water for both domestic use and radiant floor heating. There are also composting toilets that provide about two wheelbarrows worth of garden-ready fertilizer every four years, a compost system, and a complete recycling system -- gardens onsite produce a local harvest.
  • Get your hands dirty at one of the Fall Foliage Volunteer Trail Work Weekends, happening the weekend of October 13-15 at Grand Falls Hut and October 27-29 at Poplar Hut. Maine Huts & Trails is looking for people to get their hands dirty and work with the trail crew as they clear trails, accomplish seasonal maintenance and get the trails ready for winter. Work will be light duty and includes things like raking and hoeing, as well as small brush and branch removal.
  • Use your feet to see the leaves -- Whether you like to wander or pedal your way along the trails, fall is one of the best times to explore the western mountains. The winding switchbacks, sandy paths along mountain streams and the natural bridges all offer incredible views of the foliage. Seeing the bright colorful leaves without hearing or seeing motorized transportation is why hiking and biking at Maine Huts & Trails during fall is a must.
  • Known for backcountry cuisine -- Guests are treated to locally sourced and organic meals prepared by the huts crew. As an overnight guest, you'll receive three fantastic meals per day and day visitors can purchase lunch at the huts on the weekends. October 22 marks the end of fall full-service season, meaning the huts are carry-in and carry-out after that date.

Celebrate an eco-friendly fall -- be sure to plan a foliage trip to Maine Huts & Trails before the last leaf drops! For more information, please visit