Media Visits

Story Ideas

  • Unique fall foliage getaways pitched to the travel section of a major daily newspaper like USA Today or The Wall Street Journal
  • A “review” of the food service at one or more of the huts, similar to a restaurant review, pitched to a Maine daily newspaper or magazine; include a favorite camp recipe with the pitch
  • A feature on the off-grid power system pitched to a green- or renewable energy-focused magazine
  • Partnering with a local birding expert and/or member of the local Audubon Society to take a journalist from a birding magazine on a bird watching trip on the trail and including a stay at one of the huts
  • A feature on New Year’s Eve at one of the huts pitched to a Maine or New England lifestyle magazine
  • A feature on camping for seniors (appealing to those who used to tent camp but don’t want to do it any more) targeted at AARP the Magazine
  • A feature on staying at the Grand Falls hut and fishing the Dead River pitched to an angling magazine
  • A feature on the educational programming at the huts targeted at a parenting publication
  • A feature on the importance of getting your kids back to nature (with Maine Huts & Trails as a piece of this) pitched to a parenting publication
  • A feature on unique places to stay in New England (or nationally), with Maine Huts & Trails being one of these places, pitched to the travel section of a daily newspaper
  • A girls’ getaway weekend feature targeted at a women’s magazine or blog
  • A field trip ideas feature pitched to a magazine or newsletter targeted at New England teachers
  • A feature on hiking hut to hut, chronicling a writer who actually does it and tries different activities along the way, pitched to an outdoor magazine or men’s magazine
  • A feature on Thanksgiving at the huts pitched to an outdoor magazine (we realize this has already been covered but feel other publications would still be interested)
  • A feature on a Maine Huts & Trails guided tour pitched to a travel magazine
  • A “best vacations for fitness nuts” feature pitched to a fitness magazine or a Boston daily newspaper
  • Best summer getaways for families pitched to a New York lifestyle magazine or daily newspaper
  • A feature on unique work retreats pitched to Mainebiz
  • A feature on snow running at Maine Huts & Trails pitched to a fitness or outdoor magazine
  • Best vacations for busy executives pitched to a Boston business publication

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