Trailhead Closures

Gauge Road Trailhead (at the beginning of the Carriage Road near the Carrabassett Valley Town Office) is closed. The nearest trailhead is the Airport Trailhead; See all available trailheads. The Big Eddy Trailhead is open, but parking is limited. 

Trail Closures

Larry's Trail - wooden footbridge at base of Poplar Falls is out, stream is not passable.

Hut Closures 

Grand Falls Hut will be closed April 3rd to May 5th. This year’s snow melt combined with spring rains will likely result in significant trail flooding, making access to and from the hut unpredictable.

Hemlock Trail

Current Re-routes

Hemlock Trail - use Maine Hut Trail to Halfway Yurt.

Larry's Trail - use either Warren's Trail or the Maine Hut Trail instead. Signs are posted.


The hydro-power system at Poplar Hut will be undergoing maintenance in May; exact dates will depend on trail conditions. While no trails will be closed, be prepared to encounter large machinery, equipment, and earthwork near Poplar Hut and on the surrounding trails. 

Hemlock Trail intersects with the Appalachian Trail in three locations. These intersections can be confusing! Please use map and compass when navigating this area. Hikers heading south to Poplar Hut must travel NORTHBOUND on the AT at X-ing 3 for a brief time before continuing south on the Hemlock Trail at X-ing 2; hikers heading north to Flagstaff Hut must travel SOUTHBOUND on the AT at X-ing 2 to continue north on the Hemlock Trail at X-ing 3. Maine Huts & Trails has signs and 'You Are Here' maps posted on both ends of the X-ing 2 and 3 to assist.

The Carriage Road should be used with caution. Logging trucks and snowplows use the road with limited space, and cell phone service is poor. 

Fat bikers: the Carriage Road is currently closed to biking until further notice by order of the Department of Transportation. 

Please view information for current trail conditions and the Dead River whitewater release schedule.

If you have specific questions or concerns about your safety on the trails, please call the Kingfield office at 207.265.2400 or contact us