Trailhead Closures

1. Gauge Road Trailhead (beginning of Carriage Road near the Carrabassett Valley Town Office) is closed. The nearest trailhead is the Airport Trailhead; see all available trailheads.

It is crucial to pay attention to No-Parking signs.

Trail Closures

Hemlock Trail, no winter permissions. Please check conditions and the MH&T Trail Map for trail closures and designated use. We recommend following our trails on TrailHUB, an interactive app for trail navigation, conditions, and alerts.

Crommet's Connector Trail, which links the Narrow Gauge Pathway to the Maine Hut Trail (seen below) will be closed from July 1st - October 1st to allow the construction of a equipment access road by the Penobscot Nation. The Narrow Gauge Pathway and the Maine Hut Trail near that section will still be open throughout this period. 

Hut Closures 

During the 2019 full-service summer and fall seasons, Poplar Hut and Grand Falls Hut will be closed. (Poplar Hut: 6/21 - 9/2 , Grand Falls Hut: 6/21 - 10/20)
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Current Re-routes



Be wary of ticks when traveling on the trail and make sure to check yourself after!

To read a great article about 5 tips to follow to protect yourself during season, with a link to download a free app that teaches you how to identify ticks, avoid their bites, and safely remove them from your skin, click here:

If you have specific questions or concerns about your safety on the trails, please call the Kingfield office at 207.265.2400 or contact us