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Full Service Experience


Self-Service Experience

What is a MH&T full-service experience?

  • Full-service is offered Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

  • Overnight private bunk room rental

  • MH&T hut staff prepared family-style dinner and breakfast, lunches are included and are either prepared at the hut, or bagged for the trail.

  • Special dietary requests can be accommodated (gluten free, vegan, etc.)

  • Beer and wine available for purchase


What does self-service mean?

  • Self-service is offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights

  • Overnight private bunk room rental

  • ​Guest parties bring in food and prepare your own meals and do the dishes. Our Huts’ fully equipped kitchens are at your service.

  • Select staples available: spices, oils, and vinegars, sugar, and flour

  • Beer and wine available for purchase


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