Guest Stories & Reviews

A perfect blend of adventure!
August 16, 2015

We traveled from Big Eddy to the Grand Falls Hut by canoe and foot with campers in tow! Our stay was three days and two nights. The lodging was clean and comfortable. The well prepared meals and helpful staff made this am adventure that we will be talking about for years. Thank you, Maine Huts and Trails!

August 16, 2015

Visited Stratton Brook, Poplar Springs, Flagstaff huts. All three offer top notch hospitality. Helpful, friendly, thoughtful staff. Lunch at Stratton and overnight at Poplar and Flagstaff. For biking the trails to Stratton and Poplar are very good and navigable. To Flagstaff we made some mistakes and took Hemlock Trail when we should have taken the other. We should have asked, but maybe your map could indicate best bike route to Flagstaff. Maybe it already does and we were not careful. Loved the extra loops off Narrow Gage Pathway and all the renovated trails at the Outdoor Center. We had a wonderful time.

Just What I Wanted
August 15, 2015

To start.... I was looking for a fun time with my 21 yr old son who is ready to move on to bigger and better backpacking adventures. So at 55 yrs old I decided in March, 2015 (after some serious internet research) that Maine Huts and Trails could provide me (a rookie backpacker) with a fun adventure with my son. Our trip started on July 31st and ended August 3rd, 2015. Needless to say after 4 black and blue toenails and blisters I can still say our adventure exceeded all expectations. The Huts and their crews (Flagstaff & Grand Falls) were just what the "doctor ordered". Props to Garrett, Scott, Megan, and Seth @ Flagstaff. We stayed there 2 nights and met all 4. They were helpful, intelligent and really good cooks. Props also go to Nate and Sarah @ Grand Falls (our stay here was sandwiched in between the Flagstaff nights). We were lucky enough to be their only guests the evening we were there and they were also most helpful, intelligent, good cooks but most importantly they were like family. We encouraged them to dine with us and we had great fun interacting with each other. Beyond the huts....... The trails were great, well marked, but at times challenging for my old bones (with a 20+ backpack). Our only wish of seeing a moose or two didn't happen but watching bald eagles over Flagstaff Lake was very cool. I would encourage anybody to experience this gem. My goal will be to go to all 4 huts in the near future. Thanks again for so much fun - Paul

August 14, 2015

Enjoyed our visit at Flagstaff Hut so much we came back! The staff are awesome, the food is awesome and the hut is beautiful. My kids are asking when are we going again. I'm trying to fit another visit in before school starts. Awesome experience!!!

Wonderful weekend
August 14, 2015

We had a terrific one night stay at Stratton Brook for a special dinner on Saturday night. The food was fabulous and very elegant, the staff wonderful, the hut gorgeous. Who could possibly ask for more? We'll definitely be back- and would love to attend another special dinner event.

Such a beautiful experience
August 11, 2015

Service, food were great.Flagstaff lake and mountains and wildlife illustrated the beauty of nature.