Guest Stories & Reviews

Doesn't Get Any Better
February 27, 2016

I was part of a group of three women who were desperate for an unplugged get-away - and the hut-to-hut experience was the perfect antidote to our over-booked lives. We all appreciated the warmth (in many ways) and comfort of the huts...and OUTSTANDING food. We also were struck with how easily other guests and the staff engaged in conversation - a reminder of "community" at its best. The trails were a bit icy but manageable. We hope to get back when the trails are in better condition, but we would do it over in a heartbeat.

Colleen J. 

Outstanding Outdoor Adventure
February 27, 2016

The huts are all you could expect and more! Great food, wonderful staff (loved Erin and Adam), comfortable sleeping in the bunk rooms, and beautifully designed. The trails are carefully mapped out (many signs with mileage), beautiful scenery along the way, and choices in getting to the huts. The gear shuttle was perfect for the 5 day event (thanks to Will for his timely arrival with our gear). I HIGHLY recommend a hut to hut ski, hike, or bike! We had so much fun despite variable conditions. BRAVO Maine Hut & Trails. 

A Little Paradise in the Woods
February 19, 2016

The Maine Huts are truly special. What a luxury to arrive after a ski through the woods to a hut with friendly caretakers and wonderful cooks. These days especially it is great to go off grid and let life slow down. This was our second year coming in the winter. We look forward to adding a summer or fall trip!

Family X-Country Ski Trip
February 18, 2016

We were a grandmother with her family which included 2 children (14 & 9) and we had a marvelous time. it was the children's first hut to hut (Stratton Brook night 1 and Poplar night 2) and despite the conditions not being optimal the kids loved it. I think it was a real challenge for all of us and that was terrific. Lovely staff and meals at end of day. Loved the no screen policy as then when you are there distractions are minimal and one can have dedicated family time.

Jane S. 

Two Summits in One Trip
February 18, 2016

My brother, daughter and I had a great time again at Maine Huts & Trails. Exceptional staff and food and services. Summitted Little Bigelow from Poplar Hut and South Horn from Stratton Brook Hut on skis and hiking. Staff gave us an early sendoff and packed lunch so we could make the summit and still be back for a great supper.

Chris F.

Hut Ski
February 16, 2016

Having enjoyed the trails in all seasons for years, we had never actually stayed at a hut. Our daughter gave us a gift certificate for Christmas which we redeemed at the Flagstaff Hut. After an easy 45 minute, beautiful ski in from the trail head to the hut, we arrived, had a nice relax by the fire and then went out skiing for another hour or along the Grand Falls Dam trail and then back for the evening. At the hut, our hostess Ren was super, really concerned for our enjoyment, and she cooked us a great supper meal paying special attention to our preferences. We enjoyed a great nights sleep and Ren had a delicious hot breakfast waiting for us as we requested at 8:00 AM. We then geared up and skiied back out to return home. The trails were great, the snow nicely groomed, and the Ren's hospitality couldn't be beaten. Going midweek in a non-school vacation week also got us a wonderful, quiet, relaxing visit in the beautiful Maine woods. It was a great visit and a great gift from our daughter. Maine Huts and Trails is a must if you enjoy outdoor activities and has something special to offer in all seasons. The gift certificate makes a great gift as we found out.

Michael C.