Guest Stories & Reviews

Kennebec Montessori School
May 17, 2017

We visited the Flagstaff hut with 35 1-5 graders and eight chaperones and had a WONDERFUL trip. The kitchen was well stocked to cook for the group, the facilities were beautiful, clean, and spacious. Merrie and Mike helped us plan, find things, and make sure we were situated. Merrie was essential to planning our trip - from suggesting a hut with a plausible hike in with our group, to suggesting we give lessons on packing, to checking in on trail conditions; she was fantastic! Mike stayed on hand throughout our stay, enjoying meals with us, showing us camp wood, and helping us feel welcome. Everyone loved the freedom, the space, the views, and the game room! It was wonderful to give the children an off the grid experience where we could explore, build, and camp in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. Many families are planning a follow up visit and I am trying to figure out how we can come again! I would recommend visiting over and over again - a really wonderful experience!


Boy Scout Success
April 8, 2017

Our Troop had a wonderfully successful showshoe hike to Poplar Hut where we were warmly greeted by Erin. She briefed us on use of the kitchen and gave us instructions on our volunteer project. She then left us to enjoy the comfort of the hut and bunkhouses. We were delighted to perform a service project moving wood into the basement of the hut and it was perfect for our group! We were able to work together and the feeling of accomplishment when we were done was great.The snowy hike was a challenge for some of our inexperienced backpackers, but did not deter their enthusiasm. Hiking in with light snow and hiking out with bright sunshine added to the enjoyment and we're all looking forward to doing it again!


Stratton Brook hut
March 11, 2017

We had below zero temps, wind chill -23, to icy for snowshoes or skis so crampons to hike with, and the most relaxing and fun time was had by all. The service at the hut is spectacular - friendly, attentive, amazing cooks. We were there during a change of shifts so met with 4 people. They are all ROCK STARS. I have hiked to the huts many times. However, staying overnight is a joyful experience I will not forget. Give yourself a treat and book a stay at one of the huts.


Beautiful Huts
March 7, 2017

My friend and I spent three days cross country skiing and had a wonderful time. The weather didn't cooperate so it was icy but the trails and country side were otherwise delightful 
The Huts are amazing. I have stayed in many Huts in Maine, New Hampshire and Colorado and yours are the best
One suggestion: make a small shelf on the wall next to each bed to put eye glasses, cell phone, water bottle, head lamp, and book or kindle. There is no comfortable place now for these necessary items.


Hut Weekend
March 3, 2017

The skiing on Flagstaff Lake in the mist and fog was other worldly. The groomed trail was nice as well. Beautiful lodge, nice people, and good food! I have recommended Maine Huts to friends.


Sunny Skiing & Luxury Backpacking
February 28, 2017

We had unseasonably warm weather for February, which led to sunny skiing in t-shirts. We had clear skies and beautiful stars at night. Arriving at any of the three huts we stayed at, it was great to settle into a couch with a cup of free coffee before a hot shower and then a friendly, social dinner: always delicious, from homemade bread to local fresh pasta to roasted turnips and salad and dessert. The lemon ricotta pancakes were, our table agreed, the best pancakes any of us had ever had (especially with real syrup). The staff was helpful, friendly and educational. We appreciated learning about the history of the organization and the logistics of supplying energy. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in being outdoors and also getting a good meal and good night's sleep.

Kyle E.