Guest Stories & Reviews

Snowshoeing excursion to Stratton Brook Hut
January 1, 2017

We had an amazing time at Stratton Brook Hut. With Snowshoes on we blazed up the Oak Knoll trail and spent 1.5 days at the hut, relaxing and doing an extra 7 mile /6 hour hike on other trails in the vicinity of the hut. The weather was cold but the hut was warm and inviting. Great local home made food compliments of chef Rob and his friendly co- staffers Chrissie and Hannah.

Enchanting Flagstaff
August 20, 2016

Besides the sparkling shores of Flagstaff Lake lies Flagstaff Hut, one of four eco-huts of of the Maine Huts & Trails organization. Hiking along the gentle meandering shore trail was revitalizing. We experienced a number of tree framed views of the shimmering lake, backdropped by mountains, cumulus clouds, and baby blue skies. The forest trail was alive with an abundance and variety of blossoms and fruits on woodland plants. During the evening the songs of the loons echoed across the lake's surface, throughout much of the night, then disappearing during my slumber only to greet us at early sunrise. This place was enchanting ---- nature at its best. The staff made for an enriching stay. Their enthusiasm, site expertise, and connectedness to the "Hut" truly speaks highly of the MH&T. This place as others have reviewed, has all the comfortable amenities in which hikers could indulge, yet not diminish the gift of nature's surroundings. Thank you Emily, Hannah and Mike for the ecotour, the first class home style dining, and especially the conversations. 

AFTERTHOUGH - Because I enjoy reading and or learning about a region that we experience, I have researched more about the history leading to the formation of Flagstaff Lake, largely in the name of hydroelectric energy. Then look at the Eco-design that the MH&T has done! Go research the "Ghosts" of Flagstaff. And check out the song, "Below" by Slaid Cleaves. This may be a setting for an enchanted, or even haunted, history lesson.


Great Food, Company, and Trails
August 7, 2016

Our family had a great few days at the huts, hiking, biking, paddling and swimming. The hut staff were very welcoming and they served excellent food. Thanks for the great vacation!


Hiking and Paddling
August 6, 2016

The staff are super friendly and helpful. The meals were excellent. We will be back for sure.


Trip with Friends
August 4, 2016

This was my first time staying at any of the huts - same with the rest of the group. We chose the Flagstaff Hut because it was on the lake. It was wonderful. We used the paddle boards and kayaks. Fun. We als spent time at the scenic lookout. It was so peaceful there. The food was great & the staff was fantastic. I will definitely return.


You Left the Light on For Us!
August 1, 2016

Came in late after an ambitious day hiking the entire Bigelow ridge from Horns Pond to Poplar Hut. My traveling companion (age 8) and I had hiked 15 miles over 11 hours. We were due at Poplar by 5pm but underestimating the challenge of the day brought us in at 9pm. All was quiet at Poplar when we arrived, but the light was on and upon hearing our knock Mike came down immediately and supplied us with excellent hot food, cold drinks, hot showers and a deserved rest in the bunkhouse. The next morning's breakfast provided by Mike and Kelly, not to mention lunch to go, was equally superb. Family membership was a no-brainer. We will be back again in winter and hope to see the same team then.