Guest Stories & Reviews

Kudos to Maine Huts & Trails
January 26, 2015

What a vision launched Maine Huts & Trails. And what expert management made the experience of going there so special. The trails were wonderfully groomed and tracked, and the crews at the huts (Poplar and Stratton Brook) were outstanding in their helpfulness, the amenities they offered, and the meals they served. Adding to our pleasure was enjoying the conviviality of other guests.

January 25, 2015

We had a great time. The hut crew was fun and friendly, the meals were hearty and delicious, the bunk rooms were in good shape and comfy, and the setting was beautiful. The temps were below zero while we were there, so hanging out in the lodge after hiking felt great. But, the reason I'm really writing, is because I told one of the staff (not Levi, not the woman with glasses, but the other woman) that I would put away the puzzle I was working on before I left. And then I TOTALLY FORGOT. So, I feel bad. And I want to tell her I'm sorry for not putting away the puzzle. Can you let her know? :-) Thanks for everything!!

Snowshoe Stratton to Poplar
January 24, 2015

We were a party of 3 middle-aged ladies on snowshoes for the weekend and had a terrific experience. Our first night at Stratton hut our room was cold but the showers were hot. Our second night at Poplar the room was much warmer but the showers were lukewarm at best and not what we needed after 5 hours on the trail in 8 degree temps. Nonetheless, the staffs at both huts were awesome and we met some lovely fellow travelers and really felt like we had had an active, challenging, engaging and entertaining weekend.

A 5-Star View
January 22, 2015

I had a mid-week stay at Stratton Brook Hut. It takes some huffing and puffing to get up to this hut but when you do, the view is one of the best in the whole State of Maine. The staff were great - friendly, helpful and cooked delicious meals!

Fat Bike Fun
January 20, 2015

Great little trip into Flagstaff Hut. Great food, great company, great staff. Wonderfully cold outside and wonderfully warm within. Thank you.

Dad and son ski trip
January 19, 2015

We skied around 40 miles over three days on beautiful, well-maintained trails through the Maine woods, with occasional views out over the mountains and valleys. Accommodation and meals at the Flagstaff and Poplar huts were excellent - comfortable rooms, plenty of great food and a friendly atmosphere. It was great to chat with staff and fellow guests at the end of each day. We'll be back!