Guest Stories & Reviews

Dad and son ski trip
January 19, 2015

We skied around 40 miles over three days on beautiful, well-maintained trails through the Maine woods, with occasional views out over the mountains and valleys. Accommodation and meals at the Flagstaff and Poplar huts were excellent - comfortable rooms, plenty of great food and a friendly atmosphere. It was great to chat with staff and fellow guests at the end of each day. We'll be back!

A Very Pleasant Surprise
October 10, 2014
We looked forward to our end of summer hike. Last summer was 5 days in the Whites. This summer was 6 days on the Maine Huts & Trails. Two nights in a tent and 4 nights at the Huts. The Huts were excellent; more like a lodge than a hut. The food, the service, and the bunk rooms were first rate, with a good selection of beer and wine. <Yeah you heard me right.> Hot showers and warm bunks. Trails were pretty good and the views were fine. I know I’ll be back.