Guest Stories & Reviews

Fat Bike Fun
January 20, 2015

Great little trip into Flagstaff Hut. Great food, great company, great staff. Wonderfully cold outside and wonderfully warm within. Thank you.

Dad and son ski trip
January 19, 2015

We skied around 40 miles over three days on beautiful, well-maintained trails through the Maine woods, with occasional views out over the mountains and valleys. Accommodation and meals at the Flagstaff and Poplar huts were excellent - comfortable rooms, plenty of great food and a friendly atmosphere. It was great to chat with staff and fellow guests at the end of each day. We'll be back!

Great place for a group event!
January 19, 2015

Teaming up with Maine Huts & Trails and the Maine Winter Sports Center, Teens To Trails (T3) brought a group of 30 students and advisors from 7 different high school outing clubs from across the state to experience the MHTs. The hut staff was helpful, friendly and accommodating. The weather was brisk but sunny and the trails were well groomed and fun to explore. On a clear night skiing out onto Flagstaff Lake and watching the sunset behind the Bigelows and the stars come out is truly magical. We were so lucky to be able to make it all happen and love bringing people to enjoy MH&Ts! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

A Very Pleasant Surprise
October 10, 2014
We looked forward to our end of summer hike. Last summer was 5 days in the Whites. This summer was 6 days on the Maine Huts & Trails. Two nights in a tent and 4 nights at the Huts. The Huts were excellent; more like a lodge than a hut. The food, the service, and the bunk rooms were first rate, with a good selection of beer and wine. <Yeah you heard me right.> Hot showers and warm bunks. Trails were pretty good and the views were fine. I know I’ll be back.